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Sakhalin Island


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Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (lunch, dinner)
Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in at the hotel (after 14:00).
15:00 Citytour of the city (3 hours). During a tour of the Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local Lore, built in 1937 by a Japanese architect, you will get acquainted with the history of the discovery of Sakhalin and the periods of government experienced by the island. We will tell you how the city grew and developed during the period of Japanese rule (then it was called Toyohara), you will see preserved Japanese buildings built in those distant times. Visit the brightest places of modern Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the main sights of the island capital: Sq. Lenin, the memorial complex "Victory", the Church of the Nativity of Christ, the observation deck of the GLC "Mountain Air", from where a magnificent view of the whole city, the Alley of Glory opens.
Sakhalin-style welcome dinner. We will start our journey with an introduction to Sakhalin cuisine. At our dinner you will taste the famous hemultan soup, salads from Sakhalin wild plants (fern, burdock).
At dinner we will discuss the details of the trip and give you the necessary attributes for a trip to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. The weather on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands changes very quickly and to make your trip comfortable, we have prepared for you raincoats and raincoats for shoes. Your shoes and clothes will always remain dry, even in the most inclement weather.
Return to the hotel on your own. Relaxation.

Day 2. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Iturup – Baransky volcano (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel. Airport transfer. Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. In case of a late departure, in your free time we recommend visiting the museums of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk:
– Museum and Memorial Complex «Victory»;
– Museum of the Book. A.P. Chekhov «Sakhalin Island»;
– Historical Park «Russia– my story»;
– Sakhalin Regional Art Museum.
Arrival to Kurilsk (Iturup Island). Transfer to Kurilsk.
Light snack and acquaintance with our team on Iturup.
Visit to the local history museum. By tradition, we begin our acquaintance with the island from the museum of local lore, where we are met by professionals who love their land and know the history of Iturup.
Departure to the Baransky volcano by car (dulunch 4 hours). Volcano Baransky (height 1132 meters) – one of the most accessible active volcanoes of Iturup Island with hot lakes of an unusual turquoise color, fumaroles, mineral streams and healing springs. We will climb the volcano, enjoy the beauty and relaxation in the thermal baths, taste eggs with caviar boiled right in the volcanic water and drink delicious Kuril tea.
A walk along the fumarole field of the Baransky volcano. Descent to the turquoise lakes. Walk. Bathing in thermal springs.
Transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Dinner in a cafe.

Day 3. Iturup – Boat trip along the coast to the White Rocks – Sailing Bay – Lake Sopochnoye – thermal springs (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Transfer to Olya bay (Reidovo village). Boarding the boats for a boat trip.
Boat trip along the Okhotsk sea to the beach with the White Rocks. The length of the rocks is 28 km. They consist of porous volcanic glass and pumice, frozen as a result of a colossal eruption of a hot gas cloud. The sand of the beach consists of white quartz sand and black titanomagnetite. Due to the mixture of these two sands, an unusually beautiful gray-graphite sandy beach is formed.
The next bay of our excursion – Sailing. In the depths of the bay, in a picturesque canyon, there is a waterfall "Maiden's Tears". 10 m high. Landing in the area of ​​a beautiful lake on Iturup – Lake Sopochnoe. The individuality of the lake in its horseshoe shape and incredibly beautiful landscapes, stunning in their beauty in any weather.
Lunch on the seashore near black stones (Iturup fish soup, tea with Kuril rose hips and herbs, smoked fish). Landing on ground transport. Departure to thermal springs. After a boat trip, you will enjoy a rest in the thermal springs "Hot Waters" (1 hour). Return to the hotel. Dinner at the cafe.

Day 4. Iturup – Kasatka Bay – rock Devil – Yankito Plateau – thermal springs Baths (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Departure for an excursion towards the Pacific Ocean.
Kasatka Bay. First stop – in Miami at an unusual art object in the form of abandoned military equipment, assembled into one m place. It has been put in order and placed on a common site. In the center of the composition there is a stand with signs of the names of some cities and distances to them.
Second stop – on the "mirror" a beach that looks like an endless sea mirror. Stranded fishing boat – the most popular photo object among the guests of the island. Let's drive to the rock «Devil». At one time, the Japanese punched tunnels in it for a through passage for military purposes, which have survived to this day. You will pass through the places of hostilities, see the place of the former "hospital" – this was the name of the laboratory where the Japanese worked on the development of bacteriological weapons. In good weather, those who wish can swim in the Pacific Ocean.
Light snack, tea, coffee, fish sandwiches.
Arrival in Kurilsk. Lunch at the cafe. Excursion to the foot of the Bogdan Khmelnitsky volcano in Yankito, which is a plateau of bizarrely shaped solidified lava flows. Beautiful landscapes from any vantage point.
We will end this day with a rest in the thermal springs «Baths» (settlement Fishermen). Dinner at the cafe.

Day 5. Iturup – Zolotaya Bay (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Breakfast. Departure for an excursion. Walk along the bay on foot along the coast (1-1.5 km one way).
Zolotaya Bay. A beautiful, mesmerizing sight! The shores of the bay are framed by clay slopes golden – yellow color. In bright sunlight or at sunset, they look golden! The cliffs and kekkuri located nearby add to the attractiveness of this place. Camel, Arches, Bear's Paw, Comb: nature endowed the remains with bizarre shapes, a man, fascinated by what he saw, came up with a name! Mineral spring, juniper, covering the banks. Snack (tea, coffee, sandwiches with fish).
Arrival in Kurilsk. Dinner at the cafe.

Day 6. Iturup – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (breakfast)
Breakfast at the hotel cafe. Airport transfer. Departure from Kurilsk.
Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Meeting. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Free time.

Day 7. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Gastronomic tour Collecting wild oysters and dinner with seafood (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Sea ​​cuisine with a tasting of wild oysters, completely unique in their taste, which you can taste only on Sakhalin. Together with the team you will drive the catamaran when moving to the oyster jar, collect oysters, mussels, rapan, trumpeter and taste immediately on the oyster island. Upon returning to the shore, you will find an amazing lunch of freshly caught seafood and, of course, oysters. Passing a briefing on the management of a catamaran and equipment before going out to the oyster jar. The equipment includes: a paddle for steering a catamaran, a life jacket, boots.
Breakfast. Transfer Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Busse lagoon. Transfer by catamaran to the oyster bank, picking oysters, oyster tasting on the bank is possible. IMPORTANT: the guests drive the catamaran together with the guide.
Return to the shore. Lunch of freshly caught seafood, skillfully prepared by our chef.
On the menu: wild oysters with lemon and signature oyster sauce from Chef Alex Prus (Hong Kong); baked oysters and mussels with cheese and garlic; dish «Sakhalin childhood» (seasonal fish baked in burdock leaves); ear from red fish; fresh vegetables; fruit drink; tea/coffee. Rest on the shore of the lagoon.
Return to the hotel.

Day 8. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (breakfast)
Breakfast at the hotel .
Transfer to the airport with a visit (by prior arrangement) to the fish market.


Itinerary: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk–Iturup–Baransky volcano–Boat trip along the coast to the White Rocks–Sailing Bay–Lake Sopochnoye–thermal springs–Kasatka Bay–rock Devil–Yankito Plateau–thermal springs Baths–Zolotaya Bay–Gastronomic tour Collecting wild oysters and dinner with seafood–Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Days: 8 days / 7 nights

Group: от 1 pax

Accommodation: 2, 3 or 4

Children: Tour Age Restrictions:
– with parents – from 09 years and older;
– without parents – from 18 years old.

Physical/Special Fitness Required: No special training required, but good physical condition is desirable. Daily mileage: no more than 8 km.

Features of the route: all routes of medium difficulty, you can’t deviate from the route on your own, don’t touch unfamiliar plants without the guide’s permission (the danger is the mustard plant); ), have bathing accessories with you, since in good weather it is possible to receive water procedures in the sea, lake, river, springs.

Transportation of luggage (personal and public equipment): Accompanying teams take care of public equipment.

Other: The tour program is subject to change due to weather conditions, the level of training of participants, and other factors beyond the control of the Tour Operator. The decision to change the route is made by the guide / instructor on the spot, with the notification of the tour participants. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any chronic illnesses or contraindications for participation in a journey with physical activity and overnight stays in the field.
The routes pass through sparsely populated and uninhabited territories devoid of the benefits of civilization, so you must be prepared to travel and do not be afraid of marching conditions and adversity of the weather. Persons who need constant medical supervision are not recommended to travel on active routes.

Kuril Islands – one of the most inaccessible places in Russia. They are lost in the Pacific Ocean in the Russian Far East. Getting here is not easy: a long and expensive flight to Sakhalin, flights or nights on a boat to the islands themselves. The traveler who has not spared money and time will discover truly fantastic landscapes: volcanoes and hot springs, ships washed ashore and abandoned armored vehicles, monuments – traces of the presence of the Japanese, low trees and tall, human-sized grass. Get ready for a seafood tasting on the menu. Shrimp, crab, scallop and salmon – everything is really fresh, everything is prepared according to their own, local recipes.

Group на маршруте: min. 2 pax, max. 12 pax

Visa: citizens of 58 states that hold all types of passports are eligible for visa-free entrance to Russia for a period up to 14 days (you can see the list on the official website), citizens of the 52 countries will be able to obtain a single e-visa of up to 16 days (you can see the list on the official website)


Available departure dates in 2024: Jun 05 – Jun 12, Jun 12 – Jun 19, Jun 19 – Jun 26, Jun 26 – Jul 03, Jul 03 – Jul 10, Jul 10 – Jul 17, Jul 17 – Jul 24, Jul 24 – Jul 31, Jul 31 – Aug 07, Aug 07 – Aug 14, Aug 14 – Aug 21, Aug 21 – Aug 28, Aug 28 – Sep 04, Sep 04 – Sep 11, Sep 11 – Sep 18, Sep 18 – Sep 25, Sep 25 – Oct 02, Oct 02 – Oct 09, Oct 09 – Oct 16, Oct 16 – Oct 23 

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The price of the tour per pax (without airfare), USD:
½DBL (double accommodation)2,3202,3502,410
SNGL (single accommodation)2,4202,6302,720

Special payment procedure*: 5% – upon booking, 15% after 10 days, balance – 60 days before arrival date.

Payment schedule: 5% – at booking, 95% – 15 or 30 days prior to arrival.

Payment methods:
- bank transfer in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AED, ILS, DKK etc.
- credit/debit card online on our website

Fees include

- guided tours

- transfers

- airfare between the islands

- accommodation in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in a selected hotel:
hotel « Yunost » 2 (breakfast is not included)
hotel « Lotus » 3 (breakfast is not included)
hotel « Protein » 3
hotel « Gagarin » 3
hotel « Anniversary » 3
hotel « Santa » 4
hotel « Pacific Plaza » 4
hotel « Mega Palace » 4

- hotel accommodation « Iturup » on Iturup Island, double rooms with private facilities, with one or two beds

- hotel accommodation « Iceberg » on Kunashir Island, single or double rooms with amenities per block, twin beds for double occupancy

- hotel accommodation « Iturup» on Iturup Island, double rooms with private facilities, with one or two beds

- meals according to the program

- transport services on routes

- accompaniment by professional instructors on all routes

- raincoat and raincoats for shoes

- accident insurance

- necessary permits to visit specially protected natural areas

- the language of excursions is Russian but the guides speak English.

Fees exclude

- airfare to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city and return

- personal English/Spanish guide: 200 USD per required day.

Travel tips

Iturup is an Ainu word meaning "big salmon". The largest island in the archipelago of the Kuril Islands. Majestic volcanoes, 12 of which are active, – "authors" created relief and real sights of the island: frozen rivers of lava flows, numerous lakes, including hot ones, volcanoes with craters filled with water, fumarole fields, beautiful rocks, waterfalls, mud pots, thermal swamps and springs! We collected some of them on this trip to get to know the island!

Sports and adventure tourism along the routes of the Sakhalin region involves physical activity, and a number of destinations (for example, climbing a volcano) require good physical shape, as well as the right clothes, shoes and a number of others things listed below.

We also recommend getting vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis!

Standard check-out time in hotels in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is before 14:00. When issuing air tickets with a departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on late flights, a late check-out option is possible with an additional charge of 50% of the room rate per day.

List of things needed

Headwear (light headwear for sun protection)
Athletic sandals (comfortable sports sandals that fit well on the foot and can comfortably walk on water and rocks)
Sneakers (trekking shoes, with a thick corrugated sole, preferably with water-repellent impregnation + replaceable dry shoes)
Towel (a small tourist towel for different needs)
Sunscreen (with sun protection factor (SPF) at least 30 units)
Photographic equipment
Backpack (a small backpack for day trips (hands should be free!) To carry water, photographic equipment, a bathing suit, etc.)
Warm clothes (jacket, sweater, etc.) warm clothing)
Jacket (comfortable wind and waterproof jacket)
Bathing suit (swimming suit and swimming trunks for men)
Mosquito repellent
Gloves (cotton gloves to protect hands from small work)
Long-sleeved shirt or sweater (light outerwear with long sleeves is required dima for climbing the Mendeleev volcano, so as not to cut yourself on bamboo and, at the same time, not to suffer in hot weather)
First aid kit (tourist first aid kit with first aid and personal hygiene products) if you wish to have your own fishing tackle)

The company does not compensate for the costs of changing air tickets on passenger routes from the mainland of the Russian Federation to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and back in case of a change in the flight schedule between the islands.