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Sakhalin Island
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Day 1 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation (according to the contract). City tour(2–3 hours). Dinner(meeting with a representative of the tour operator, obtaining information about the details of the trip).

Day 2 Rocky outcrop "Frog"

The “Frog” rock is the unique nature of 70 million years old, a very unusual energetic place. The journey along the ecological path to the foot of the mountain takes about 20 minutes. Then a brief but steep climb to the “Frog” remnant, which takes 20–30 minutes. An amazing landscape opens from the top and in good weather it is possible to see the Gulf of Aniva, the lakes of Tunaicha and the Volatile. Light snack during a short stop (dry ration).
Transfer to the city.
Free time.

Day 3 Iturup

Airport transfer. Departure to Kurilsk.
Arrival in Kurilsk (Iturup). Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation.
Drive to Yankito, which is a plateau of lava flows. Beautiful landscapes from the foot of Chirip volcano.Camping lunch (packed lunch).
Hot springs in the "Fishermen" village.
Dinner at the cafe.

Day 4 White Rocks
By car, we move along the coastline along the "White Rocks", the thickness of the pumice stone of which White rocks are composed is homogeneous in appearance. It was formed already in historical time, as a result of the colossal eruption of a hot gas cloud. The people of the Stone Age could well have been witnesses or even victims of this event, before which the eruption of Vesuvius, which had fallen asleep to Pompeii, fades.
Camping lunch (packed lunch).
Hot Springs "Hot Waters" (1 hour).
Dinner at the cafe.

Day 5 Volcano Baransky
The Baransky volcano is one of the most accessible volcanoes of the island of Iturup. At its foot, we can observe the picturesque volcanic landscapes: mud pots, fumaroles, hot lakes with an acid of an unusual turquoise color and hot mineral streams. At 12 km from the foot at the top of 516 m. There is a trigonometric sign, therefore, the top is called “Trinoga”. Rise to the top of a protracted, gentle. From the top of “Trinogi” a panoramic view opens: from the west, the Kuril Bay, Kitovy, Kurilsk; from the north, the volcano Bogdan Khmelnitsky; in the east, Prostor Bay, s. Raid, White Rocks; in the south, Baransky volcanoes (altitude 1132km.), Teben'kov, Grozny, Mount Volchok. From the bowels of the earth beat healing springs, hot river flows from a deep boiling lake. Descending from a volcano, you can swim in hot springs and enjoy the majestic beauty of the volcano! ATTENTION! In the area of ​​fumarolic fields precautions – you can fall into the hot mud, in the area of ​​mineral sources – get chemical burns. You can swim only in springs with a certain temperature of water.
Camping lunch (dry ration).
Dinner at the cafe.

Day 6 Iturup – Kunashir
A visit to the fish factory in Kurilsk. Transfer to the port.
Landing on the ship.
Departure for Kunashir.

Day 7 Kunashir
Arrival at the port of Yuzhno-Kurilsk, Kunashir
Transfer to the hotel "Iceberg". Accommodation in rooms with private facilities on the block. Visiting the fumarole field of Mendeleevo volcano (medium difficulty route). Active volcano in the southern part of Kunashir Island. Named in honor of the outstanding Russian chemist D.I. Mendeleev in 1946 (the duration of the tour is 7–8 hours).
A complex stratovolcano with a central extrusive dome. Height is 886 m (according to other data – 888 m). The cone of the volcano is surrounded by an extensive caldera, which was formed as a result of the destruction of the cone of an older volcano. Steam-gas emissions and increased fumarolic activity in 1880, 1901, 1946, 1977 On the slopes of the volcano there are many fumaroles and hot springs, the surface of the slopes is covered with coniferous-deciduous forests with thick undergrowth of Kuril bamboo and cedar elfin. At the foot there is a resting place “Goryachiy Plyajh”, where water from volcanic springs is used as a natural healing bath. The status of a state natural monument was granted to him in 1983. Mendeleev Volcano is a specially protected natural area and is a complex regional natural monument with a total area of ​​30,000 hectares (Category III). Walk along the coast, sightseeing of the coast: “Damn Finger”, “Damn Gates” kekkurs.
Camping lunch (dry ration).
A dinner of fresh Kuril delicacies on the ocean.

8 day Caldera of the Golovnin Volcano, Lake Khipyasheye, Lake Goryacheye.
Departure for the route by transport up to 43 km, then walk 8 km one way. Inspection of the caldera of Golovnin volcano, Lakes Goryacheye and Khipyasheye. Swimming in the lake Goryacheye, (swimming is prohibited in the lake Khipyasheye).
Golovnin Caldera (a caldera is a cauldron-shaped depression with steep slopes and a flat bottom, formed as a result of the collapse of the volcano peak) The diameter of the caldera along the ridge is more than four kilometers. You can imagine what kind of force the explosion occurred here during a volcanic eruption. Inside the caldera at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level there are two lakes: Boiling and Hot. The jets of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide – solfatarah, emissions of hot water, thick steam and the ever-changing color of water create an impressive picture.
Camping lunch (dry ration).
Dinner at the cafe.

Day 9 Cape Stolbchaty
Cape "Stolbchaty" is a unique place where the natural stone blocks of the "Red Square" are replaced by views of stone pencils weighing 40 tons and deep-water fjords. The bizarre rocks in which you hear the sound of organ music, true millennial monuments ... After all, they were the first pieces of land that emerged from the depths of the ocean and survived almost intact to our era.
Camping lunch (dry ration).
Departure on the ecological path and mud therapeutic thermal springs "Stolbovskie". (Driving by car, then on foot, by the sea 40 min).
Ecological path. The flora of the island is rich and has absorbed species distributed from subtropics to northern latitudes. White and stone birch, gray trunks of velvet tree, rowan, Sakhalin fir with whitish trunks stand along the forest path with a thick fence. On the slope upward the blue fir-tree Aayan glows. The look stops at the trunk with a red stripe held by the caring hand of a man. Warning: caution – magnolia! High to the sunlight, she raised branches with large leaves; at the time of flowering, the aroma of her large white flowers fill all around.
Dinner at the cafe.

Day 10 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Breakfast. Airport transfer. Departure from Yuzhno-Kurilsk (departure time will be published in March 2019!)
Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation.
Free time.

Day 11 Cape "Bird" and "Giant"
Cape "Giant" – a monument of nature, one of the most beautiful and amazing sea coasts of Sakhalin. Freakish cliffs, in the outlines of which someone sees a lion coming out of the sea, someone has a mysterious castle, and someone has the head of a giant who was dozing off the edge of the water, towering along the entire coast from Cape Bird to Cape Giant. Stone arches created by the greatest architect – Nature – amaze with their grandeur. On the tops of the rocks and arches screaming seagulls bustle around, cormorants sit proudly and swifts sweep about. Spruce-fir forests stretch along a narrow strip of a sandy beach on a sea terrace, where trees carefully hide from the cold sea wind, "turning" back to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. And here you can observe one of the most amazing phenomena of nature – the spawning move of Pacific salmon, namely pink salmon, if your trip falls for the period from July to August.
Dinner on the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (Sakhalin-style cuisine).
Transfer to the city.

Day 12 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Breakfast. Airport transfer.


Route: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Frog Rock – Iturup Island – White Rocks – Baransky Volcano – Kunashir Island – Mendeleevo – Golovnin Volcano Caldera, Boiling Lake, Goryachee Lake – Cape Stolbchaty – Velikan Cape – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Number of days: 12 days / 11 nights

Group: min. 1 person

The Kuril Islands are one of the most inaccessible places in Russia. They are lost in the Pacific Ocean in the Far East of Russia. Getting here is not easy: a long and expensive flight to Sakhalin, flights or nights on a boat to the islands themselves. The traveler, who did not spare money and time, will discover truly fantastic landscapes: volcanoes and hot springs, beached ships and abandoned armored vehicles, monuments – traces of the Japanese, low trees and tall, human growth, grass. Get ready for a seafood tasting menu. Shrimp, crab, scallop and salmon – everything is truly fresh, everything is prepared according to its own, local recipes.

The program in the Kuriles may vary depending on weather conditions.


Tour dates 2021: in issue

* A city tour is without visiting the Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local Lore


The cost of the tour (without air tickets) per person, USD:

½DBL (double occupancy) 1`790
SNGL (single occupancy) 1`970
CHLD (under 12 years) 1`740

Additional charge for the cost of living per person in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk:

Hotel ½DBL (double occupancy) SNGL (single occupancy)
« Lotos » 3 135 201
« Youbileynaya » 3 180 248
« Santa Resort » 4 (TWIN) 198 313
« Pacific Plaza » 4 222 358

Additional paid air ticket on the route Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Kurilsk / Yuzhno-Kurilsk – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: 310 USD per person

Additional paid ticket for the ship on the route: Kurilsk – Yuzhno-Kurilsk:

Passenger category 3 class (4-seater without amenities) 2 class (4-seater with amenities) 1 class (2-seater with amenities) Luxury
Adult 27 36 46 55
Child (2 -12 years) 17 22 27 32

Extra bed linen (pay on board): 3 USD per person on each segment.

Payment schedule: 30% – for booking, 70% – 30 days befor to arrival.

You can pay:
- by bank transfer in dollars or euros
- by credit/debit card on-line on our website

Fees include



- tours of the program;

- Russian guide (English/German – 90 USD per day)

- transfers according to the program;

- hotel accommodation in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk;

- accommodation at the "Iturup" Hotel (on Iturup) (double rooms with private facilities, with one or two beds, please indicate when booking);

- accommodation in the hotel “Iceberg” (on Kunashir) (single or double rooms with private facilities per block, with double beds, separate beds);

- food according to the program;

- transport service on the routes;

- accompaniment by professional instructors on all routes;

- registration of the border checkpoint on the island of Iturup and the island of Kunashir;

- accident insurance.

Fees exclude

- air tickets from the place of residence to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and back (the cost from us is specified at the time of booking or purchased independently), airport taxes, as well as other payments related to flights;

- English/German guide – 90 USD per day

- air ticket on the route: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Kurilsk / Yuzhno-Kurilsk – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (see the table in the “Price” tab);

- accommodation in hotels of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk according to the program (see the table in the “Fees” tab);

- food on the ship (on the menu);

- a ticket for the ship on the route: Kurilsk – Yuzhno-Kurilsk (see table in the tab "Fees"):

- bed linen (payment on board, see the table in the “Fees” tab);

- personal expenses;

- early check-in or late check-out in hotels;

- not included in the program or listed as optional excursions.

Travel tips

Sports and adventure tourism along the routes of the Sakhalin Oblast implies physical exertion, and a number of areas (for example, climbing the volcano) require good physical fitness, as well as the availability of proper clothing, shoes and a number of other things listed below.

In addition, we recommend vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis!

List of necessary things

Headgear (lightweight headpiece for sun protection)
Sport sandals (comfortable sport sandals, firmly seated on the foot, in which you can comfortably walk on water and stones)
Sneakers (tracking, with a thick corrugated sole, preferably with water-repellent impregnation + interchangeable dry shoes)
Towel (small travel towel for different needs)Sunscreen (with sunscreen factor (SPF) of at least 30 units)
Photographic equipment
Backpack (small backpack for day trips (hands should be free!) For carrying water, photographic equipment, bathing suit, etc.)
Warm clothing (sweater, sweater and similar warm clothing)
Jacket (comfortable wind and waterproof jacket)Swimwear (swimwear and swimming trunks for men)
Mosquito repellents
Gloves (cotton gloves to protect hands from small work)
Shirt or jacket with long sleeves (light outerwear with long sleeves is necessary to climb the Mendeleev volcano, so as not to cut the bamboo and, at the same time, do not suffer in hot weather)
First Aid Kit (Travel First Aid Kit with First Aid and Personal Care)
Fishing gear (for avid fishermen, if they so wish, have their own fishing gear)

The program was compiled taking into account the published timetable of movement between the islands of the Sakhalin Region of the “I.Farkhutdinov” motor ship. This type of transportation is subsidized and is used in priority for residents of the Kuril Islands. The current schedule may be further modified by the Ministry of Transport of the Sakhalin Region in order to improve the quality of life of the Kuril Islands. Please take into account this information when you make a tour and purchase air tickets to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: issue air tickets at fares that allow you to exchange flight dates! The company does not compensate for expenses when exchanging air tickets on passenger transportation routes from the mainland of the Russian Federation to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and back if the schedule of the ship changes.

For registration permits to the Kuril Islands documents are required:
- a copy of the passport of the Russian Federation with a registration (adult) for citizens of the Russian Federation;
- children up to 14 years old (copy of birth certificate);
- a copy of the passport and a copy of the visa in the Russian Federation for foreign citizens.

Tourist information:
1. Place of work (study), military service (full name of an enterprise, institution, organization, educational institution, military unit)
2. Position held.
3. Number of office (work) phone
4. Home phone number

Deadlines for submission of documents for registration permits:
- for citizens of the Russian Federation no later than 15 days prior to arrival
- for foreign citizens no later than 30 days prior to arrival.