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Day 1 Arrival to Kamchatka.
Meeting at the airport Yelizovo. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Rest, acclimatization. Meeting with a company representative, discussing the details of the tour. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 Free day. Оptional еxcursions (breakfast)
Breakfast. Optional tours: Helicopter tour to the Kurilskoye lake (7 hours). Brown bear and spawning salmon watching. On the way back – landing in the Caldera of Ksudach volcano and the Khodutka hot springs (lunch, swimming). Helicopter excursion Valley Of Geysers and the Caldera of Uzon volcano (6-7 hours) with the current flyby Karymsky volcano crater and Maly Semyachik. Hiking to the geysers and mud pots. On the way back – landing in the Nalychevo valley – lunch and bathing in hot springs. Diving. Dives for certified divers to 40 metres, for beginners with an instructor – up to 4 meters. Given all required equipment is pre-briefing.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 Country springs 
(breakfast, lunch)
Breakfast. Trip to the hot springs through the plateau volcanoes Gorely, Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky volcano on all-terrain vehicle.
Hot springs with a roar pulled directly from the earth, enveloping the yellow-red stones and the green slopes of the valley. In the summer there are over 100 sources of raw of thermal manifestations – boiling kettles, hot springs, large and small steam jets. Country springs is sometimes called the Small Valley of Geysers, but that title is wrong, because there are no geysers here.
In the evening return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 Ethnographic excursion to the national camp. Sightseeing tour of the city 
(breakfast, lunch)
A trip to the community of indigenous peoples of Kamchatka, an entertainment program with the participation of a folk ensemble, a cynological tour of the kennel of sled dogs. Watching salmon spawning. Lunch with Kamchatka folk flavor and delicacies.
City tour: Central Square, promenade, observation deck, the historic city center. Museum of Volcanoes in Kamchatka "Volcanarium".
Return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5 Boat trip. "Black Beach" (breakfast, lunch)
Transfer to the sea pier. Boat trip on the Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean (5-6 hours).
The sea voyage route runs past Tikhaya Bay, Babushkin Stone Island, Stanitsky Cape, Three Brothers stones, rocks at Cape Sredny. The purpose of the route is the unique island of Starichkov, which got its name thanks to the birds of the old man. Starichkov Island is declared a natural monument to preserve bird markets and create conditions for the quiet nesting and breeding of birds.
Fascinating sea fishing.
Lunch –  soup, tasting fresh seafood. Return to the port.
A trip to the Pacific Ocean.
Walk along the "black beach". Sand on Kamchatka beaches of volcanic origin, so it has a dark gray color.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6 Jeep tour to the mountain range Vachkazhets 
(breakfast, lunch)
Breakfast. The trip to the volcano Vachkazhets.
In ancient times, Vachkazhets was a single volcano, but the result of a strong eruption, he exploded, and it led to the division into three main distinct parts. The highest point is 1556m above sea level.
The walk starts at the glacial lakes Tokolosh. The trail gradually climbs up the valley surrounded by high rocky slopes of the ancient volcano, mountain waterfall.
Along the way you can admire the rich flowering of Kamchatka plants, including red. And on the way back you will see scenic views of pristine nature, where for the full picture lacks only the huge dinosaurs.
The trip reinforces the extreme passage of cars on the road, the mud, through the windbreak, often with the use of the winch.
In the evening return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7 A trip to Avachinsky volcano (breakfast, lunch)
Breakfast. Trip to Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes on the all-terrain vehicle (50 km, 3 hours).
Fire-breathing guard of the town, the Avachinsky volcano is one of the most active in Kamchatka. The life of a volcano doesn't stop for the day: constantly puffing fumaroles, yellow sulphur, clubs, gas and steam. Avachinsky volcano came into being several tens of thousands of years ago, and its the right cone was significantly higher Koryaksky volcano. But the giant catastrophic explosions blew its top and formed a Caldera with a diameter of almost 4 km. About 5 thousand years ago from the bottom of the Caldera began to rise a new cone. The absolute height of the modern cone is equal to 2751 m, the relative 400-1000 m. the Top is crowned with a crater. During the last eruption in 1991 the crater the crater is almost completely filled with lava.Walking to mountain extrusion "Camel". Botanical excursion on the Alpine vegetation of the Avacha pass. Lunch.
Flowering here begins immediately after the snow melts and continues until new snow. Rare species of plants listed in the Red book. Near the base camp you can take pictures of Kamchatka gophers.
In the evening return to the hotel.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8 Departure (breakfast)
Breakfast. Visiting fish market and souvenir stores. Transfer to the airport.


Itinerary: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka village → Kurilskoye lake / Valley of Geysers (extra charge) → Country sources → Ethnographic village + sightseeing tour → Boat trip + “black beach” → Vachkazhets massif + “Zelenovsky lakes” → Avachinsky volcano → Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky / Paratunka

Number of days: 8 days / 7 nights

Group: min. 2 pers.

Level of difficulty: low

Level of comfort: high

Accommodation: 7 nights in hotel / recreation camp

Accommodation: Standard accommodation in hotels of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and/or hotels of a resort zone Paratunka p. (50 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

Double rooms with private facilities, Breakfast in the hotel.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – hotel "Petropavlovsk", "Geyser", etc. In p. Paratunka – "Flamingo", "Belkamtur", "Merlin", "Antarius", etc. Certain location is determined by the tour operator, depending on the placement of the other tourists in the group and availability at the hotels.

TOURISTS can be given the location of his choice, subject to availability, with the recalculation of the tour price. Your wishes should be specified in the request at time of booking. If you choose a non-standard accommodation, the tour operator may charge a Supplement for individual transfer from/to the airport.

Single tourists booked with a single supplement at the hotel.

Attention! Some hotels may take a deposit for the room. The deposit left by the TOURIST. It is returned upon departure.

At arrival/departure earlier or later tour dates may incur a surcharge for private transfer from/to the airport.

The resort area "Paratunka" is located 50 km from the cities Petropavlovsk and Yelizovo. The regular bus service runs between these points throughout the day. All hotels in Paratunka have hot thermal pools under the open sky, with healing properties. Nearby there are grocery stores and cafes.

The number of tourists to the national group: We ensure that the booked tour will be held, even if the group consist of one person.

Standard group of 10-12 people.

Boat trip on Avachinskaya Bay (marine boat) performed in the group of 12 to 20 people.

Helicopter (optional) tour – groups up to 24 people.

The main feature of the tour – no overnight stays in tents. You will be accommodated in a cozy hotel, from which will be operated all the radial excursions.


Tour dates 2021: in issue


The cost of the tour per person in ½ DBL , USD:

DBL – 1`410

SGL – 1`675
*The cost of the tour may change before booking without prior notice.
*The tour operator reserves the right to substitute hotels for other relevant category. The order of the excursions can be changed.  
*Guide services and hotels are confirmed at time of booking.

Payment schedule: 30% – for booking, 70% – 30 days befor to arrival.

You can pay:
- by bank transfer in dollars or euros
- by credit/debit card on-line on our website

Fees include

The price includes

- accommodation at the hotel of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and/or p. Paratunka (double occupancy, Breakfast);

- Russian guide (English/Spanish  guide - 90 USD per day)

- services of guides;

- meals according to the the program;

- excursions according to the program;

- transfers according to the program;

- rent of group equipment and inventory;

- medical transportation insurance (for active recreation);

- necessary permissions for visiting of especially protected natural territories.

Fees exclude

Additional payment

- tickets to Kamchatka and back;

- Emglish/Spanish guide - 90 USD per day

- meals in hotel (meal on the day of arrival, dinner on all days);

- optional tours at free day;

- additional accommodation (before and after the trip);

- other additional services;

- personal expenses, alcoholic drinks.

Travel tips

Necessary personal equipment for this tour:

- small backpack for personal belongings on the route;

- comfortable Hiking clothes;

- hiking boots with solid tread and impregnation of the wet;

- trekking poles;

- sneakers;

- warm waterproof jacket with hood;

- warm waterproof trousers;

- warm sweater;

- wool socks;

- warm gloves;

- warm hat;

- bath and bathing accessories;

- individual first aid kit;

- sunglasses;

- sunscreen;

- cream against mosquitoes and gnats;

- photo and video camera;

- copies of all documents in a sealed package.

Clothing and equipment: Tourists should pay attention to the preparation of personal gear (clothes and shoes), as large parts of the routes climbing to the craters of volcanoes, mountain passes and volcanic plateau during summer can survive the snow and, in the case of prolonged inclement weather, air temperature at altitudes above 1000 m can be reduced.


Additional services


1.Transfer from hotel to airport
2. Flight to Kuril Lake (1 hour 10 min.).
3. Excursion around the Kurilskoye Lake, visiting the barrier building of the scientific station TINRO. Monitoring spawning of salmon and bears (1 hour 30 min.).
4. Hop to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano (20 min.). Excursion to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano, inspection of the surroundings of Klyuchevoye lake, the volcano located in the caldera and its hot springs
5. Lunch (depending on weather conditions can be carried out on Khodutkinsky hot springs) (1 hour).
6. Hop to Hodutkinsky hot springs (20 min.). Bathing in hot springs (30 min.).
7. Return to the airport (40 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

651 USD per person


1.Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Departure from the airport, flight over active volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik (flight time - 1 h. 10 min.).
2. Excursion in the Valley of Geysers (1 h. 30 min.). Observation of the eruption of geysers, inspection of mud pots and pulsating sources of the Valley.
3. Hop to the caldera of the Uzon volcano (10 min.).
4. Excursion to the caldera of the Uzon volcano (1 hour). Inspection of fumarole fields, acid and hot lakes, mud pots and volcanics of the Eastern thermal field of the caldera.
5. Transfer to Nalychevo valley. Dinner. Bathing in the wild hot springs of the Nalychevo valley (1 hour).
6. Return to the airport (20 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

682 USD per person