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Day 1 Arrival in Kamchatka
Meeting at the airport of Elizovo. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Rest, acclimatization. Meeting with a company representative, discussion of the tour details. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 Departure on a shift to the Nalychevo Natural Park.
Breakfast. Departure by off-road vehicle to the Nalychevo Natural Park.
Nalychevo Natural Park is listed as a UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage. The originality of the landscape of the park is associated with continuous volcanic processes, as a result of which a unique combination of natural objects appeared: crater craters, glaciers, calderas, slag cones, frozen lava flows.
Accommodation in guest houses at the base. Dinner, relaxation, swimming in the hot springs. Overnight in guest houses.

Day 3 Trekking to Talovsky hot springs.
Breakfast. Walks along the Bear Tundra to the thermal group “Kotel”. Excursion to the V. I. Semenov Center for Environmental Education and Tourism, from which you will learn the features of the Nalychevsky Natural Park.
In the Valley, all the riches of the peninsula are amazingly collected: healing thermal and mineral springs, azure rivers and lakes, transparent blue glaciers, rich flora and fauna.
Radial pedestrian exit: base “Nalychevo” – Talovsky hot springs – Local history hot springs 12 km (4 hours).
Talovsky hot springs are one of the most saturated with minerals in Kamchatka! Their waters have healing properties and perfectly relieve fatigue after a difficult road. On the way there is a forest lake where you can swim.
Lunch is on the way. Accommodation at the sources, dinner. Overnight in the house in sleeping bags.

Day 4 Climbing the Dzensur volcano.
Breakfast. Briefing. Radial route – ascent to the fumarole field in the crater of the active volcano Dzenzur. The path rises along the Gutter stream, flowing in an ancient frozen lava flow. The length of the route in one direction is 15 km. On the way, a snack.
In addition to Zenzur, the Valley is surrounded by 3 more active volcanoes: Avachinsky, Koryaksky and Zhupanovsky, protecting it from harsh winds.
Return to the camp at Talovskie springs, swimming, dinner.
Overnight at the house in sleeping bags.

Day 5 Return to the central base "Nalychevo".
Breakfast. Walking route: Talovskie springs – the central base "Nalychevo", 12 km. (4 hours). Lunch is on the way. At the base – rest, swimming in hot springs. For those who wish – a volleyball court. Dinner. Overnight in guest houses.

Day 6 Aagsky Narzans.
Breakfast. Radial pedestrian access to the Aag Narzans and a waterfall on the Shumnaya River (13 km).
Aag Narzans are cold mineral springs that hit from the ground in the area of the Aag volcano on the Chistaya River. Like many other Kamchatka sources, narzans have a unique chemical composition and have a therapeutic effect.
Lunch on the way. Return to base, dinner. Overnight in guest houses.

Day 7 Crossing the Pinachevsky pass (1160 m)
Breakfast. Hiking: the central base "Nalychevo" – Pinachevsky pass (1160 m) – the upper river. Pinachevsky (Semenov's cordon), 24 km (8-9 hours). Lunch on the way.
Along the hiking trails, scenic views combine green mountains and white snowfields, flowering plants and small murmuring streams. Numerous birds accompany you singing all the way. With each step, you are immersed in the wild, and all the problems and concerns remain somewhere behind and are no longer disturbed.
Dinner, overnight in a house on the cordon.

Day 8 Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Breakfast. Hiking: Semenov's cordon – Pinachevo, 23 km (6 – 7 hours). Lunch is on the way. Transfer from Pinachevo to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka. Hotel accommodation, rest.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9 Boat trip. Transfer to the volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely
Breakfast. Transfer to the sea pier. Boat trip on the Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean (5-6 hours).
The sea voyage route runs past Tikhaya Bay, Babushkin Stone Island, Stanitsky Cape, Three Brothers stones, rocks at Cape Sredny. The purpose of the route is the unique island of Starichkov, which got its name thanks to the birds of old people. “Starichkov Island” is declared a natural monument to preserve bird markets and create conditions for quiet nesting and breeding of birds.
Fascinating sea fishing, fish soup, tasting of freshly caught seafood. Return to the port.
Transfer to the volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely (100 km). Setting up camp. Dinner. Overnight in tents.

Day 10 Climbing the Mutnovsky volcano
Breakfast. Instructions. Climbing to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano.
Mutnovsky Volcano is a natural monument, which is partially located on the territory of the South Kamchatka Natural Park, listed in 1996 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the nomination “Kamchatka Volcanoes”. The volcano consists of 4 merged consecutively formed cones of stratovolcanoes. The heart of the volcano – the so-called Active Funnel – is the largest crater of all active volcanoes in Kamchatka, where active fumarole activity is manifested. The unusual route is that it passes through a fault inside the volcano itself! The trail leads to the crater, where an amazing picture will open in front of you. By its beauty and uniqueness, this place is in no way inferior to the famous Valley of Geysers!
Walking tour to the fumarole fields, mud boilers and the "active funnel". Snack.
Return to the foot, inspection of a powerful 80-meter waterfall in the Dangerous ravine. Transfer to the village of Paratunka. Hotel accommodation. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 11 Climbing Gorely volcano
Breakfast. Briefing. Climbing Gorely volcano (1829 m, the climb takes 3-5 hours).
Gorely volcano is located 75 km south-west of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and is unlikely to attract anyone's attention, but it is not in vain that this "modest gentleman" is a natural monument. After all, he has a whole "collection" of craters, each of which has its own characteristics, and they all create a unique ensemble.
Return to the camp. Dinner. Relaxation. Overnight in tents.

Day 12 Departure
Breakfast. Visiting the fish market, souvenir shops. Airport transfer.


Route: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka → central base “Nalychevo” → Talovsky hot springs → Dzenzur volcano → central base “Nalychevo” → Aagsky narzans → Semenova cordon → Pinachevo → Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka → Sea walk → volcano → Mutnovsky Volcano → Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka.

Days: 12 days / 11 nights

Group: min 2 people

Level of difficulty: high

Comfort level: medium

Accommodation: 3 nights in a hotel/recreation center, 6 nights in houses.

Ascent: Dzenzur Volcano (2159 m) –  Nalychevo Natural Park; Gorely Volcano (1829 m) – South Kamchatka Natural Park; Mutnovsky Volcano (2323 m) – South Kamchatka Natural Park.

Trekking: Talovskiye hot springs, Local history hot springs – 12 km one way; Aag Narzans – 13 km one way; Crossing Pinachevsky pass: day 7 of the program – 24 km, day 8 – 23 km.

Excursions: Boat trip along the Avacha Bay – 6 hours, fishing, sea delicacies.

Free time: Arrival day

Suitable for physically active hardy tourists.

Hotel accommodation: standard in hotels in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and/or in hotels in the resort area of Paratunkka (50 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).
Double rooms with private facilities, breakfast at the hotel.
In the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – hotel«Петропавловск», «Гейзер», "Дольчевита" and etc.
In Paratunka – «Фламинго», «БелКамТур», «Кречет», «Антариус" and etc.
The resort area "Paratunka" is located 50 km from the cities of Petropavlovsk and Yelizovo. There are regular buses between these points throughout the day. All hotels in Paratunka have hot open-air thermal pools with healing properties. Grocery shops and cafes are nearby.

The specific location is determined by the TOUR OPERATOR, depending on the location of the remaining tourists in the group and the availability of places in hotels.
TOURIST can be provided with accommodation of his choice, if possible, with a recalculation of the cost of the tour. Your wishes should be indicated in the application when booking. For non-standard accommodation, surcharges may apply for an individual transfer from/to the airport.
Single tourists are booked with surcharge for single occupancy at the hotel.
Sharing is possible with a pair. Surcharge for single accommodation in this case will not be charged.
Attention! Some hotels may charge a deposit per room. Pledge leaves the TOURIST. When leaving, he returns.
Upon arrival/departure earlier or later than the dates of the tour, a surcharge may apply for an individual transfer from/to the airport.

During a trip to the Nalychevo Valley, accommodation in small houses. 
Accommodation on the active part of the route – in the camp. 2-person tents Tramp Lair 2, Lair 3 (3-person), foam mats (karemat) are provided. We recommend taking your sleeping bag as a personal item. Sleeping bags for hire: Alexika, Rock Empire, Campus.

Number of tourists in the national team: We guarantee that the booked tour will take place, even when recruiting one person!
The standard group is 12-14 people.
A boat trip along Avacha Bay (sea boat) is carried out as part of a team of up to 12 people.
The sequence of the route may vary depending on the date of arrival.

A trip to the Nalychevo Valley is one of the most picturesque tourist routes!
You can get to the Nalychevo Valley by helicopter or by a cross-country vehicle. But if you want not to miss the slightest detail, to see all the beauty of Nalychevsky natural park with its rich flora and fauna, to experience the real romance of travel, then the hiking route is the best choice!
The route runs through Pinachevsky Pass, with its gorgeous landscapes, to the central base "Nalychevo", where tourists have all the conditions for relaxation, swimming in healing springs, watching animals. Accommodation at the base is carried out in cozy houses. Hot springs have healing properties, and thermo-algae living comfortably in them rejuvenate the skin.
Small radial routes are organized from the central base: to Talovskiye hot springs, Dzensur volcano, cold mineral springs – Aagskie narzans.
Kamchatka is incredibly multifaceted, and to show it in all its glory, after returning from the Nalychevo Valley, we propose to go on a sea voyage along Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean. You will see bird markets and enjoy freshly caught seafood. And then, climb the amazing volcanoes - Mutnovsky and Gorely.


Tour dates 2021: in issue


The cost of the tour per person (without air tickets), USD:

½DBL – 1`330

SGL – 1`464

Payment schedule: 30% – for booking, 70% – 30 days befor to arrival.

You can pay:
- by bank transfer in dollars or euros
- by credit/debit card on-line on our website

Fees include

В стоимость тура включено:

- accommodation in a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and / or in Paratunka (double occupancy, breakfast);

- accommodation at the base "Nalychevo";

- Russian guide (English/Spanish – 90 USD per day)

- services of tour guides;

- cook services;

- meals according to the program;

- excursions according to the program;

- transfers according to the program;

- equipment and implements (tents, rugs, rubber boots, kitchen equipment, dishes, fishing tackle, etc.);

- medical transport insurance (for outdoor activities);

- necessary permits to visit specially protected natural areas.

Fees exclude

- air tickets to Kamchatka and back;

- English/Spanish – 90 USD per day;

- meals while staying at the hotel (on the day of arrival, dinner on 8, 11 days);

- additional transfer (earlier or later than the tour dates);

- additional hotel accommodation (before and after the trip);

- other additional services;

- personal expenses, alcohol.

Travel tips

Necessary personal equipment for this route:

- a backpack (70-100 liters);

- sleeping bag (for comfort temperature from –5 to –10). You can rent a sleeping bag: Alexika, Rock Empire, Campus.
Rental price – 2 USD per day, rental period – from the day of receipt to the day of return from the tent camp.
We recommend taking your sleeping bag as a personal item. If you plan to rent, we recommend that you bring your liner with you in a sleeping bag;

- comfortable camping clothes;

- trekking boots with solid grooved soles and soaking from getting wet;

- sneakers;

- a warm waterproof jacket with a hood;

- warm wind, waterproof pants;

- warm sweater (fleece);

- warm socks;

- warm gloves/mittens;

- a warm hat;

- lightweight headgear;

- bath and bathing accessories;

- trekking sticks. Trekking sticks are also available for rent and cost 8 USD per day, therefore, for long tours, we recommend buying them (cost about 23 USD). You can buy in Kamchatka, for example, on the day of arrival. On day trips, it makes sense to rent trekking poles for rent;

- a seat for sitting on stones and slag;

- head torch;

- an individual first-aid kit;

- sunglasses;

- sunscreens;

- funds from mosquitoes and midges (repellent);

- passport and its copy in sealed packaging.

Clothing and equipment: Tourists should pay attention to the preparation of personal equipment (clothing and shoes), since on large sections of climbing routes to the craters of volcanoes, passes and volcanic plateaus, snowfields can remain during the entire summer period and, in case of prolonged bad weather, air temperature at altitudes above 1000 m it can decrease.
Tourists carry and are responsible for personal equipment (backpack, sleeping bag) on their ow
Tourists help, to the best of their physical abilities, staff with the installation and assembly of the camp.
Tourists are NOT involved in cooking.


Additional services


1.Transfer from hotel to airport
2. Flight to Kuril Lake (1 hour 10 min.).
3. Excursion around the Kurilskoye Lake, visiting the barrier building of the scientific station TINRO. Monitoring spawning of salmon and bears (1 hour 30 min.).
4. Hop to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano (20 min.). Excursion to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano, inspection of the surroundings of Klyuchevoye lake, the volcano located in the caldera and its hot springs
5. Lunch (depending on weather conditions can be carried out on Khodutkinsky hot springs) (1 hour).
6. Hop to Hodutkinsky hot springs (20 min.). Bathing in hot springs (30 min.).
7. Return to the airport (40 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

651 USD per person


1.Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Departure from the airport, flight over active volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik (flight time - 1 h. 10 min.).
2. Excursion in the Valley of Geysers (1 h. 30 min.). Observation of the eruption of geysers, inspection of mud pots and pulsating sources of the Valley.
3. Hop to the caldera of the Uzon volcano (10 min.).
4. Excursion to the caldera of the Uzon volcano (1 hour). Inspection of fumarole fields, acid and hot lakes, mud pots and volcanics of the Eastern thermal field of the caldera.
5. Transfer to Nalychevo valley. Dinner. Bathing in the wild hot springs of the Nalychevo valley (1 hour).
6. Return to the airport (20 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

682 USD per person