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Day 1 Arrival in Kamchatka
Meeting at the airport of Elizovo. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Free time for relaxation and acclimatization. In the evening, a meeting or a call from a company representative, discussion of the tour details. Overnight at the hotel. Food at your own expense.

Day 2 Flight to the Commander Islands
Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Transfer to the airport, departure.
Flight by plane type L-410, the journey takes 3.5 hours. Arrival on the island of Bering, transfer to the village of Nikolskoye
Nikolskoye is the only settlement on the Commanders. Half of the approximately 700 of its inhabitants are descendants of the Aleuts brought here by the Russian-American company in the years 1825-1826 from the Aleutian Islands for fishing seals.
Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. Visiting the reserve’s visit center - an excursion from the reserve’s employees, watching scientific and educational films.
The Komandorsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve was created in order to preserve the unique natural complexes of the Komandorsky archipelago, the gene pool of plants and animals, as well as the natural living conditions and activities of the commander Aleuts. This is the largest marine reserve in Russia, with over 3 million hectares of marine water protected by it, and amazing inhabitants: cetaceans, pinnipeds, sea birds, sea otters, Arctic foxes, and Red Book plants. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.
Meals: lunch, dinner
Baggage: up to 15 kg, over 15 kg is paid additionally – 5 USD / kg.

Day 3 Toporkov Island. Spawning Lake Sarannoe
Walk in the sea on a boat of the Poseidon type, (1.5-2 hours). Excursion with a guide "To the bird's islands. Toporkov Island" with a landing on the island. Inspection of a colony of seabirds. During the tour, there is a chance to see entours and sea otters.
Toporkov Island, which got its name from the bird of the same name, the third largest island of the archipelago, is a flat and low (average height of 9 meters) land area of almost round shape with a diameter of just under 1 km and an area of about 0.5 km².
A fashionable hobby – bird watching – takes on, so to say, an “unsportsmanlike” form: it’s the same as fishing a net after a fishing rod. Birds are everywhere. In burrows made in the peat plateau – the top of the three terraces of the island, hatchets nest. Somewhere from the edge cormorants perched and, stretching out snake necks, watched with interest the noisy life of numerous neighbors. And next to them are gray-winged seagulls, car washes, and Pacific chistik.
Dinner. A trip on a cross-country vehicle “shift” to Lake Sarannoe (about 30 minutes drive). Excursion, salmon spawning observation. (4-5 hours).
The largest lake of the islands with an area of ​​31.6 km2. The depth of the lake is 36 m. Currently, the lake level is 12 m above the sea level. Once this lake was a sea lagoon, but about 20 thousand years ago there was a decrease in ocean level, which led to the desalination of the lagoon and the formation of the modern look of Lake Saranny. You can still see relict crustaceans in it as confirmation of its “marine” past. There are a lot of sockeye salmon in these places. The fish is simply teeming in the water, flickering with its bright red backs. Also, these places are a paradise for mushroom pickers! Since the vegetation on the island is not high, there is no need to look for mushrooms, they just stand in sight.
Return to Nikolskoye. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Meals: 3 meals a day.
An excursion to Toporkov Island implies landing on reefs in rubber boots.

Day 4 Northern rookery of marine mammals
Departure by off-road vehicle towards Cape Yushin (about 25 km).
The path runs along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
To go ashore to the very rookery, you need to overcome 2 km. over marshland and tall grass. A long overpass was built along the rookery. You will be able to observe the family relationships of Steller sea lions and northern fur seals at a distance of a couple of meters, while remaining invisible to animals. (It is strictly forbidden to leave the overpass.)
The roar of bill hookers, the loud bleating of young cats, and the squeak of cubs stand above the rookery, stretching for a kilometer or two along a rocky beach and a stone cape in the north-west of Bering Island.
In August, harems begin to decay: hundreds of them, and then thousands of females run away, lying all the summer on the rocks under the watchful eyes of their giant husbands. The billhook is several times larger than the female, and he has up to 50 wives. The billhooker does not count children and can transmit them with his own clumsy body. Children and Arctic foxes are dragging along, eating in the lush island grass behind the dunes that surround the rookery.
Return to the car, having a snack. Moving to with. Nikolskoye. Free time.
Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5 Boat trip “Journey to the World of Whales + Steller's Arch”
6-hour boat trip around the sea. The excursion route runs along the western coast of Bering Island, where the largest number of cetaceans can be found.
Commander waters are the most accessible place for tourists in Russia, where you can watch dozens of whales at the same time. Observations are carried out here annually and year-round.
In the waters of the Commander Islands 21 species of cetaceans are recorded. Among which are: humpback whales, killer whales, minke whales, sperm whales and white-winged porpoises, as well as northern marshes and finials. During the tour, if you are lucky, you can watch feeding whales or capture the jumps of sea giants – humpback whales.
In the absence of fog, in front of you will open in all its glory the picturesque sea coast of the island. Meet seabirds, and if you're lucky, then anthur and sea otters swimming in the ocean.
On the way, a snack.
A significant point of the route will be a unique natural monument – Steller’s Arch – a geological structure in the form of an arch, 20.6 m high. Excursion and inspection of the arch from Nayushka Bay. (Without landing.)
The arch was named so by Leonard Steineger in memory of the remarkable naturalist of the Second Kamchatka expedition, George Steller. Incredible seascapes against the backdrop of flowering tundra and steep cliffs.
Return to Nikolskoye. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Meals: 3 meals a day.
We recommend having remedies for motion sickness.

Day 6 Optional excursion to Komandor Bay
Breakfast. Free time.
At extra charge:
Excursion to the Komandor Bay to the last site of the Second Kamchatka Expedition, to the grave of Vitus Bering. (from 9 hours)
It was here that, on November 28, 1741, the flagship of the Second Kamchatka Expedition – the package ship “Saint Peter” under the command of Vitus Bering, was shipwrecked. With this, the development of the Commander Islands began. The crew spent 9 months here. 16 people did not survive that harsh winter, among them commander Vitus Bering. In the bay are the graves of the dead sailors on the island.
The path to Komandor Bay lies along the east coast of Bering Island, famous for its many waterfalls and picturesque bays, including Buyan Bay, famous for its gems, where a stop is planned according to the program.
On the beaches of Bering Island after low tide are impenetrable shafts of seaweed. Once it served as a feed of the famous and, alas, completely extinct sea cow.
Winds drive the iodine odor of algae along the coast. Discarded mollusks hidden among long green leaves, gulls are searched and pecked.
Overnight at the hotel.

Meals: 3 meals a day.
Guided tours are only possible at low tide.
The cost of the tour is 170 USD per person.

Day 7 Museum of Local Lore. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
A visit to the local museum of local lore, where there are truly unique exhibits, for example, the remains of the extinct Steller’s sea cow. A visit to the private museum of the famous Kamchatka traveler and writer Leonid Mikhailovich Pasenyuk – now his son continues his work.
Airport transfer.
Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Flight by plane type L-410, the journey takes 3.5 hours.
Arrival at the airport of the city of Elizovo. Transfer to the hotel.
Hotel accommodation. Rest, free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Meals: breakfast.
Baggage: up to 15 kg, over 15 kg is paid additionally – 5 USD / kg

Day 8 Free day
Breakfast. Optional excursions at will (for an additional fee):
- Helicopter tour of Kuril Lake (7 hours). Flight to Kuril Lake, boat excursion around the lake, observation of bears near the TINRO barrage structure (about 2.5 hours). Flight to the caldera of the volcano Ksudach, study tour (about 30 minutes). Flight to Khodutkinsky thermal springs, swimming (1 hour). Dinner.
- Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of Uzon volcano (6-7 hours) with a flyby around the active crater of the volcano Karymsky and Malyi Semyachik. Pedestrian walks to geysers and mud cauldrons (about 1.5 hours). On the way back – landing in the Nalychevo Valley - lunch, swimming in hot springs.
- Other excursions to choose from.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9 Departure.
Departure Breakfast. Visiting the fish market, souvenir shops. Airport transfer.


Route: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka → Nikolskoe (Bering Island) → Toporkov → Lake Sarannoe (Bering Island) → Northern Rookery (Yushina, Bering Island) → West Coast → Steller’s Arch → Buyan Bay (optional) → Komandor Bay (optional) → Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Paratunka → Kuril Lake / Dolina geysers (optional)

Days: 9 days / 8 nights

Group: min. 2 people

Difficulty level: low

Comfort Level: high

Accommodation: all nights at the hotel

The number of tourists in the group:
We guarantee that the booked tour will take place, even when recruiting one person!
Standard group – up to 10 people.

All the main excursions on the islands are carried out by employees of the reserve. Sea excursions (to Toporkov Island and "Journey to the World of Whales + Steller's Arch") are carried out only under suitable weather conditions at sea, so the sequence of excursion days according to the program can be changed. In the absence of suitable weather conditions, sea excursions can be replaced with other excursions using land transport.

Standard accommodation according to the program is in hotels of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and / or in hotels of the resort area of Paratunkka settlement (50 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).
Double rooms with private facilities, breakfast at the hotel.
In the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – hotel«Петропавловск», «Гейзер», «Авача» and etc.
In Paratunka – «Фламинго», «БелКамТур», «Кречет», «Антариус» and etc.
In sec. Nikolskoye – in a hotel, in double / single rooms with private facilities.
The specific location is determined by the TOUR OPERATOR, depending on the location of the remaining tourists in the group and the availability of places in hotels.

A TOURIST can be provided with accommodation of his choice, if possible, with a recalculation of the cost of the tour. Your wishes should be indicated in the application when booking. For non-standard accommodation, surcharges may apply for an individual transfer from / to the airport.
Single tourists are booked with surcharge for single occupancy at the hotel.
Sharing is possible with a pair. Surcharge for single accommodation in this case will not be charged.
Attention! Some hotels may charge a deposit per room. Pledge leaves the TOURIST. Upon departure, he returns. The resort area "Paratunka" is located 50 km from the cities of Petropavlovsk and Yelizovo. There are regular buses between these points throughout the day. All hotels in Paratunka have hot open-air thermal pools with healing properties. Grocery shops and cafes are nearby.

Transfer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village of Nikolskoye and back is carried out on regular flights of the local airline.

It must be borne in mind that there is a possibility of delayed flights due to weather conditions from one to several days. Therefore, the reserve of free days after the tour is MANDATORY!


Tour dates 2020: sold

Tour dates 2021: in issue


The cost of the tour per person (without air tickets), USD:

½DBL – 3`314

SGL – 3`531


Payment schedule: 30% – for booking, 70% – 30 days befor to arrival.

You can pay:
- by bank transfer in dollars or euros
- by credit/debit card on-line on our website

Fees include

- accommodation in a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and / or in Paratunka (double occupancy, breakfast);

- accommodation in a hotel in Nikolskoye (double occupancy);

- Russian guides (English/Spanish – 90 USD/per day)

- air flight P-Kamchatsky – Nikolskoye – P-Kamchatsky, 15 kg of luggage;

- guide services;

- cook services;

- services of a reserve employee;

- meals according to the program;

- excursions according to the program;

- all transfers according to the program;

- group equipment and implements (dishes, rubber boots, etc.);

- medical insurance (for outdoor activities)

Fees exclude

- air tickets to Kamchatka and back;

- English/Spanish – 90 USD/per day

- meals while staying at the hotel (on the day of arrival, lunch and dinner on 7.8 days);

- individual transfer (earlier or later tour dates);

- optional excursions;

- additional hotel accommodation (before and after the trip);

- other additional services;

- personal expenses, alcohol.

Travel tips

It is necessary to take with you:

- a small backpack for personal belongings on the route;

- comfortable camping clothes;

- trekking boots with solid grooved soles and soaking from getting wet;

- sneakers;

- thermal underwear;

- warm waterproof jacket with a hood;

- warm waterproof pants;

- warm sweater (fleece);

- warm socks;

- warm gloves / mittens;

- a warm hat;

- bath and bathing accessories;

- a seat for sitting on stones and slag;

- individual first-aid kit (remedies for motion sickness);

- Sunglasses;

- sunscreens;

- funds from mosquitoes and midges (repellent);

- passport and its copy in sealed packaging.

Clothing and equipment
Fogs, winds, rain and drizzle on the Commanders are frequent even in the warmest month – August. Therefore, tourists should pay special attention to the preparation of personal equipment. Clothing and shoes should protect from wind and water. You need to have warm clothes with you – thermal underwear, fleece, gloves, hats, etc.
A small backpack (35-40 liters) is needed for personal items on excursions.
Rubber boots are provided.

Flight and flight delays.
Flights to the Komandorski Islands are carried out on regular flights by the local airline. Aircraft type L-410. The flight takes about 3.5 hours. Some flights are carried out with additional landing at the airport of Ust-Kamchatsk. Free baggage – 15 kg. Extra weight is paid by tourists on their own (5 USD/kg).
At Nikolsky airport there is a unpaved runway, therefore, in the event of prolonged rain, flights are not carried out.
It must be borne in mind that there is a possibility of delayed flights due to weather conditions from one to several days. Therefore, the reserve of free days after the tour is MANDATORY! In case of delayed flight from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, accommodation and meals are provided at the hotel at the airport. In case of delayed flight from Nikolsky, accommodation and meals are provided at the hotel Nikolsky.


Additional services


1.Transfer from hotel to airport
2. Flight to Kuril Lake (1 hour 10 min.).
3. Excursion around the Kurilskoye Lake, visiting the barrier building of the scientific station TINRO. Monitoring spawning of salmon and bears (1 hour 30 min.).
4. Hop to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano (20 min.). Excursion to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano, inspection of the surroundings of Klyuchevoye lake, the volcano located in the caldera and its hot springs
5. Lunch (depending on weather conditions can be carried out on Khodutkinsky hot springs) (1 hour).
6. Hop to Hodutkinsky hot springs (20 min.). Bathing in hot springs (30 min.).
7. Return to the airport (40 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

651 USD per person


1.Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Departure from the airport, flight over active volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik (flight time - 1 h. 10 min.).
2. Excursion in the Valley of Geysers (1 h. 30 min.). Observation of the eruption of geysers, inspection of mud pots and pulsating sources of the Valley.
3. Hop to the caldera of the Uzon volcano (10 min.).
4. Excursion to the caldera of the Uzon volcano (1 hour). Inspection of fumarole fields, acid and hot lakes, mud pots and volcanics of the Eastern thermal field of the caldera.
5. Transfer to Nalychevo valley. Dinner. Bathing in the wild hot springs of the Nalychevo valley (1 hour).
6. Return to the airport (20 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

682 USD per person


Bering Island