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Lake Baikal


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Tour Itinerary

Day 1.
Meeting at the airport or railway. railway station in Irkutsk.
Transfer to Baikalsk.
Meet the inspector – gamekeeper, tourism instructor.
Briefing. Route selection.

Day 2.
Boat trip on Lake Baikal (duration 1 hour).
Fees. Preparing for fishing.

Day 3.
Departure for the route.
Hiking to the fishing spot.
Setting up the camp.

Day 4-5
Fishing. Rest.

Day 6.
Return to Baikalsk.
Bath. Sauna. Swimming pool.

Day 7.
Check out.

Route No. 1 'Zimoveinaya River' (active fishing)
Baikalsk – hell. bridge – R. Hara – Murin (20 km).
Walking route along the floodplain of the river. Hara – Murin to the tributary of the river. Winter (18 km.).
On the route there are 4 pressure points, 3 rapids, 2 category of difficulty, 10 shevers.
Fishing with a spinning rod and a fishing rod (grayling, lenok, taimen).
Rafting and rafting are possible.

Route No. 2 'Three Rivers' (active fishing)
Baikalsk – hell. bridge – R. Babha (5 km) walking route along the floodplain of the river. Babha to the Bear Spring (6 km.).
There are 2 clamps on the route. The trail was equipped in 2003 with the participation of Green peace volunteers.
Fishing with a spinning rod and a fishing rod (grayling).
Baikalsk – Solzan walking route along the floodplain of the river. Solzan to the 'waterfall' (8 kilometers.).
There are 2 pressure points, 3 fords on the route.
Fishing with a spinning rod and a fishing rod (grayling).
Baikalsk – R. m.Tibelti (Tunkinskaya valley) (200 km).
Fishing with a spinning rod and a fishing rod (grayling).

Route number 3 'Enchanting Waterfall (Thousand Rainbows)'; (active fishing)
Baikalsk – Solzan village (6 km).
Walking route along the floodplain of the river. Bolshaya Osinovka, crossing the Osinovsky Lolets pass; 1839 m. Drop along the trail 50 m.
Descent along the floodplain of the Irkutny key to the Khara River – Murin, further along the floodplain of the Khara River – Murin to the tributary of the river. Serebryanka (1-day hike). On the route there is a steep ascent, descent.
Fishing with a spinning rod and a fishing rod (grayling, lenok).
Silver waterfall (height difference h = 35m).
Rafting, rafting is possible.


Itinerary: Irkutsk – Baikalsk – Baikal coast – Baikal river valleys – Irkutsk

Days: 7 days / 6 nights

Group: min. 4 pax, max. 5 pax

Accommodation: 3

Accompaniment: Experienced guides, fishing guides

Visa: citizens of 58 states that hold all types of passports are eligible for visa-free entrance to Russia for a period up to 14 days (you can see the list on the official website), citizens of the 52 countries will be able to obtain a single e-visa of up to 16 days (you can see the list on the official website)


Available departure dates in 2022: everyday

Available departure dates in 2023: everyday


The price of the tour per pax (without airfare), USD:

– 380 (hotel accommodation, FB (full board))

Children under 5 years old without a separate seat are admitted free of charge, up to 12 years old receive a 15% discount

Payment schedule: 5% – at booking, 95% – 15 or 30 days prior to arrival.

Payment methods:
- bank transfer in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AED, ILS, CNY, DKK etc.
- credit/debit card online on our website

Fees include

- accommodation

- food

- excursions specified in the program

- escorting a fisherman guide

- rental of fishing equipment

- rent of equipment necessary on the route (tents, rugs, backpacks, campfire)

- transfers specified in the program

- necessary permits to visit specially protected natural areas

- the language of excursions is Russian but the guides speak English.

Fees exclude

- airfare to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city and return

- two ways air tickets to Irkutsk

- personal spending

- accommodation in Irkutsk hotels before and after the end of the program

- not included in the program or indicated as additional excursions and services.

- personal English/Spanish guide: 100 USD per required day.

Travel tips

We begin to meet you at the airport of Irkutsk from 6.00 local time.

The meeting takes place as follows: the first car meets guests arriving from 6.00 to 8.00, the second from 8.00 to 10.00, the third from 10.00 to 12.00 and the fourth from 12.00 to 14.00.

The transfer to the hotel in the Baikalsk city is also carried out: at 8.00, then at 10.00, at 12.00 and 14.00, respectively.

If you are planning to travel by rail, it would be more expedient for you to consider purchasing a ticket directly to the Baikalsk station. Thus, you will eliminate unnecessary transfers, and you will be at the hotel much faster.

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Fishing on Baikal http://baikaltur.com/tour?id=123

Commission to agencies 15%

On our website -5% of their price.

For online booking of the tour on the host's website:

Login – http://agent.baikaltur.com/

Personal account:

Username: latinatravel_Evgeny

Password: MHBcV

Reservations are made without prepayment!
Payment for the tour is made upon arrival.
The final stage of booking a tour is your report on the purchased air or railway ticket indicating the flight number and arrival time.