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Lake Baikal
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Day 1 Irkutsk – Baikalsk (lunch and dinner)
Meeting in Irkutsk, transfer to Baikalsk, city tour, dinner on the shore of Baikal from traditional Baikal dishes.
Meeting at the airport of the city of Irkutsk, railway station of the city of Irkutsk or Baikalsk. Transfer to the hotel of the city of Baikalsk. Dinner. Relaxation.
You will need a sports uniform, a warm sweater or light windbreaker.
At 17.00 group gathering at the hotel. City tour of Baikalsk (ski resort, city center, shore of Baikal). On the shore of Lake Baikal, you will have to wait for dinner with traditional Baikal dishes, overlooking the sunset. As well as a fire, songs of Baikal bards, and many legends and fairy tales of the sacred lake. Return to the hotel.

Day 2 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to the foot of the Khamar-Daban ridge, on the Warm Lakes
The excursion starts at 11.00; Duration – 6 hours; travel time is 40 minutes one way. On this tour you will need comfortable clothes and shoes, and bathing accessories.
You will visit a beautiful and amazing place – the mountain lakes of Khamar-Daban, which seemed to have descended specifically to the foot of the mountains in order to delight us with their beauty. We will walk along the foothills of the Khamar-Daban, looking at the lakes and “trying” them for the opportunity to swim. Admire the quaint mountain reliefs and local cedars. Trying to catch nimble chipmunks in the frame, and admire the virginity of the Siberian taiga, our guides will prepare for us an unforgettable dinner – hot-smoked Baikal fish! Free time to swim or just sunbathe under the Baikal sun. Return to the hotel.

Day 3 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to Tunkinsky National Park, Arshan and Zhemchug (mineral and thermal springs)
Collection at 10.00; comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as swimwear.
On this day you will have an interesting trip to the Tunkinskaya Valley (Republic of Buryatia). The valley is interesting because it is a continuation of the Baikal Basin for almost two hundred kilometers! And it boasts an incredible variety of landscapes and abrupt changes in vegetation: from small hills to high rocky mountains, from calm valley rivers to treacherous mountain streams, from small-growth steppe vegetation to dense pine forests. We will visit the mountain climate settlement – the resort of Arshan, which means “healing water”. Where our guides will tell about the unique properties of mineral springs, and you can personally taste each of them. After drinking plenty of natural mineral water, we will take a short hike along the mountain river Kyngyrga, before the first waterfall. And on returning we will have dinner prepared according to Buryat traditions. After lunch, in the neighboring village of Zhemchug, you can swim in natural hot springs with a water temperature of 42-52 degrees or sit on the banks of the Irkut River, one of the largest rivers in the Tunkinskaya Valley. Return to the hotel.

Day 4 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion on a boat on Baikal to the opposite shore (Circum-Baikal railway)
Collection at 10.30; tour starts at 11.00; Duration – 6 hours; you will need comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as bathing accessories, we recommend that you bring along a warm sweater or jacket, a warm blanket will also not be superfluous.
You will find a fascinating trip on a boat on Lake Baikal to the opposite shore. You have to plunge into the beginning of the twentieth century, when they built the Circum-Baikal Railway, now the dead end of the Trans-Siberian railway. Since that time, little has changed here, and therefore the most beautiful galleries, unique bridges and tunnels, viaducts and retaining walls will appear before you in the version in which they were designed by both Russian and foreign architects of the last century. History-impregnated Circum-Baikal Railway will take you away during its construction. You will find out why it is called the “gold buckle of the steel belt of Russia”. And why, now it has lost its direct purpose, but has become a truly unique monument of engineering art. After an interesting excursion, you will find a delicious ear of fresh Baikal fish. Cooked according to the traditional, ancient recipe of Baikal fishermen.
Our boat will land in one of the most beautiful coves of the coast. After lunch, you can swim in the cleanest lake of the planet and sunbathe on its shore. And if we are lucky, the weather and Baikal will be favorable to us, you may be able to observe the behavior of the Baikal seal in natural conditions. Then we will return back to the city of Baikalsk.

Day 5 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Mini-trekking in the foothills of Khamar-Daban to the rock "Devil's finger"
Collection at 11.00; the length of the trail is about 4 km in one direction; the trail is well-groomed, but it should still be reminded of the need for comfortable clothing and shoes, bathing accessories, if desired. In case of cloudy weather, you must take a windbreaker or jacket. Lunch will be held on the route, and will be a kebab, which will be cooked in your presence.
Today we will make a small hike with you along the mountain river Solzan, up to the rock "Devil's finger". You will have the opportunity to feel like a real mountain tourist, wading through the thick “Baikal jungle”. You will get acquainted with the unique vegetation of the Baikal taiga. On yourself will feel the stern temper of Khamar-Daban. You will learn what the Devil's Finger is and why it got this name. Everyone will be able to conquer this peak and admire the fascinating mountain views, and the intoxicating clean mountain air of Baikal will awaken in you the desire to return here again. On the bank of the river Solzan, where our camp will be organized, you can have lunch with meat kebabs cooked in your presence. And after lunch, especially desperate members of the tour can swim in a mountain river. Those who do not decide on this feat can simply sunbathe or stroll through the forest, picking up mushrooms and berries of the Baikal forests. Return to the hotel.

Day 6 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to the museum of minerals Slyudyanka
Collection at 10.00; Duration – 4 hours.
We will acquaint you with a small settlement on the southwestern coast of Lake Baikal, the city of Slyudyanka. The first mentions, which date back to the end of the 17th century, when it was here, where the modern city stands, discovered and began to mine such a mineral like mica. You will learn why Slyudyanka is recognized as the mineralogical capital of the southern Baikal region, as well as get acquainted with the variety of minerals once mined in the local mountains. The museum collection contains more than 1200 different gems, about which you will not only learn a lot of interesting things, but also be able to buy some of them as a souvenir. You will be impressed by the station located in this city – the only building in Russia entirely built from white and pink unpolished marble. Return to the hotel.

Day 7 Baikalsk – Listvyanka – Taltsy – Irkutsk – Olkhon (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to the Limnological Museum (Listvyanka), the museum of wooden architecture (Taltsy), a tour of the city of Irkutsk, transfer to Olkhon Island.
Collection at 6.30; departure with things.
This day will be very full of impressions! We have a rather long road to Olkhon Island. On the way, we will visit the Listvyanka village, where we will visit a unique museum of limnology, telling about the history of the formation and development of Lake Baikal, its inhabitants, vegetation, problems and prospects. Here you will not only listen to a fascinating lecture on Lake Baikal, but also be able to admire the living inhabitants of its depths in special aquariums. And also make a virtual immersion in its depths.
Next, our bus will make a stop in the village of Taltsy, where we will get to know the life of people who inhabited the Baikal and Transbaikalia in the 16-19 centuries. The Taltsy Museum is a museum of real wooden architecture. With authentic estates, yurts, winter quarters, huts, watchtowers, guarded walls, fortresses, etc. Visiting this museum, you will better understand the nature of indigenous Siberians! Lunch at the inn on the museum grounds.
Back in proud Irkutsk, we will visit with you: 130 quarter, with preserved unique architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Stroll through the historic center and embankments of the wonderful Siberian city. Let's get acquainted with the central streets and ancient monuments. You will see the very first stone building of Irkutsk, preserved to our days – the Savior Church. Find out for what the triumphal arch "Moscow Gate" got its name. See for yourself the place of execution of the legendary admiral Kolchak. You will also visit the Irkutsk Bay, on the coast of which the Angara icebreaker has found its place of honor for many years. Transfer to the village of Khuzhir (Olkhon Island). Accommodation.

Day 8 Olkhon Island (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to the northern tip of Olkhon Island, Cape Khoboy
Group gathering at 9.30; at UAZ you have to cover a distance of about 30 km. one way; You will need comfortable clothes and shoes.
Excursion to Cape “Khoboy” (Buryat means “Fang”) is the most northern tip of the island. From the sea, it resembles the head of a woman with a bust. Cape Khoboy is considered sacred by the Buryats. In ancient times, he served as a place for religious rites. The cape is located near the widest place of Baikal (79 km) and only in good weather you can see the eastern coast: the Holy Nose peninsula. The trip to Cape Khoboy is for the whole day. Lunch en route. Return to the campsite.

Day 9 Olkhon Island (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Boat trip on the Maloe More.
You will need comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as a windbreaker and a sweater, as the cool wind can blow a cool wind while the boat is in motion, and those who want to swim can take with them bathing accessories.
Excursion by boat on the Small Sea, on the so-called "big triangle" – Khuzhir, Ogoy, Surkhait. This tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the amazing beauties of the bays and bays of the Small Sea, the islands of Ogoy, Zamogy, Iželhei. And also visit holy healing springs, the water of which is saturated with silver ions and does not deteriorate over the years. And of course, Surkhait Lake, separated from Baikal by a sand and pebbled slant, on which unique Baikal plants grow: Kuril tea, yellow taverns, etc. The excursion is for the whole day. Lunch en route. Return to the campsite.

Day 10 Olkhon – Irkutsk Island (breakfast)
Departure from Olkhon Island to Irkutsk (railway station, airport, city center)
Attention! Our bus will arrive in Irkutsk not earlier than 14:00 local time. Accordingly, it is advisable to take return tickets for one of the evening flights.


Route: Irkutsk – Baikalsk – Warm lakes – Arshan(Buryatia) – Circum-Baikal railway – Khamar-Daban – Slyudyanka – Listvyanka – Taltsy – Irkutsk – Olkhon island – Irkutsk

Number of days: 10 days / 9 nights

Group: min. 2 people (groups of teams, the number of participants in the tour does not exceed 15 people!)

Transport: tourist buses 16-18 places. (Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, Peugeot)

Accommodation: A well-appointed hotel in the city of Baikalsk. Chalet on the island of Olkhon.

Accompaniment: Experienced guides, guides

Accommodation on the island of Olkhon: private hostel, shower and toilet in the rooms there. Please note that Olkhon Island is cut off from the mainland by the waters of Baikal, and is the apex of the underwater mountain range, which is called "Akademichesky Ridge", despite the fact that most of this ridge is hidden under water, the island remains part of the mountain system, where you can deploy or less global construction is technically not possible!

Olkhon is also a fairly serious national park, with a huge number of objects recognized as monuments of nature, history, antiquity. It is prohibited deforestation, cultivation of land without permission of special commissions and other economic activities that harm the ecosystem of Lake Baikal!

Proceeding from all this, remember that the infrastructure on the island is very, very poorly developed, if not to say that it is not developed at all. Therefore, when going to the island, be prepared for the very sporting conditions of life, but we are sure that the nature of the island will eclipse the beauty and smooth out this minor inconvenience!


Dates of arrivals in 2020-2021: on request


The cost of the tour (without travel to Irkutsk and back) per person, in USD:

2-person accommodation (DBL):

- 550 USD (living in apartments, meals – lunch only)

- 653 USD (staying at the hotel, 3 meals a day)


1-person accommodation (SBL):

- 666 USD (living in apartments, meals – lunch only)

- 769 USD (staying at the hotel, 3 meals a day)


Children under 5 years old without a separate place are accepted free of charge, up to 12 years receive a 15% discount.

Payment schedule: 30% – for booking, 70% – 30 days befor to arrival.

You can pay:
- by bank transfer in dollars or euros
- by credit/debit card on-line on our website

Fees include

- accommodation;

- food (depends on the type of accommodation, see below);

- transfers specified in the program;

- excursions specified in the program with Russian speaking guide (English or German translator is 140 USD per day).

Staying in apartments, meals – only lunch. Offered apartments: these are fully furnished apartments in large-panel apartment buildings. With a good repair, all necessary appliances, furniture, dishes. With bathroom and toilet.

Staying at the hotel – 3 meals a day.

Fees exclude

- air or railway transfer from the place of residence to Irkutsk and back;

- food not indicated in the program;

- personal expenses;

- English guide (140 USD/per day);

- early check-in or late check-out in hotels;

- accommodation in hotels in Irkutsk before and after the end of the program;

- not included in the program or listed as optional excursions.


Travel tips

We meet you at the airport or railway station of Irkutsk from 6.00 to 8.00, from 8.00 to 10.00, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 12.00 to 14.00.And, based on the time of your arrival, we organize a transfer, in small groups to the hotel. If you plan to travel by train, consider buying a ticket directly to the city of Baikalsk, it will be much more convenient for you. If tickets can only be purchased before Irkutsk, we will definitely meet you too!