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Sakhalin Island
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Day 1 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation.

City tour (2-3 hours) with a visit to the Museum of local lore, the Japanese Treasury, the Park of culture and rest, founded by the Japanese.Acquaintance with the city begins with the Sakhalin regional Museum. It is located in the building, built in 1937, for the Museum of the governorate of Karafuto (the so-called until the 45th year of the southern part of Sakhalin). The unusual Japanese building with multi-tiered roofs is both a decoration of the city and a reminder that nothing in history can be crossed out. There is a rich collection of unique materials on the history, Ethnography and nature of the region.


Day 2 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


Tour: rocky Butte "Frog" (the time of the excursion 09:00 – 14:00).

Rock "Frog" - the unique nature of the age of 70 million years, a very unusual energy place. The ecological path to the foot of the mountain takes about 20 minutes. Next, a short, but steep climb to the outlier "Frog", which takes 20-30 minutes. From the top offers an amazing landscape and in good weather you can see the Gulf of Aniva, lake Tunaicha and Changeable.

A snack during a short stop (lunch-box). Transfer to airport.

Departure to Kurilsk (departure time will be published in March 2019), arrival in Kurilsk (Iturup island).

Transfer to hotel. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner at the cafe. 

Day 3 White Rocks

Breakfast. Excursion by car to the "White rocks" (duration of the tour – 7-8 hours)

By car we move along the coastline along the "White Rocks", the thickness of the pumice, which consists of White rocks, in appearance homogeneous. It was formed already in historical time, as a result of a colossal eruption of a hot gas cloud. People of the stone age could well be witnesses or even victims of this event, before which the Eruption of Vesuvius, Pompeii fell asleep, pales.

Lunch (lunch-box), Hot springs "Hot water" (1 hour).

Dinner at the cafe

Day 4 Baransky volcano


Departure to the volcano of Baransky (duration 7-8 hours)

Baransky volcano is one of the most accessible volcanoes on the island of Iturup. At its foot we can observe the picturesque volcanic landscapes: mud boilers, fumaroles, hot lakes with unusual turquoise acid and hot mineral streams. At 12 km from the foot on top of 516 m is a trigonometric sign, so the top is called Trinoga. The rise to the top of a long, gentle. From the top of a Tripod and a panoramic view: to the West of the Kuril Bay, p. Whale, Kuril'sk; from the North the volcano Bohdan Khmelnytsky; in the East Bay Space, RAID S., White rock; in the South the volcanoes Baranski (height 1132км.), Teben'kova, Ivan, mountain Top. From the bowels of the earth beat healing springs, hot river flows from a deep Boiling lake. Descended from the volcano, you can swim in the hot springs and enjoy the majestic beauty of the volcano!Attention! In the area of fumarole fields precautions - you can fall into the hot mud in the area of mineral springs - get chemical burns. You can swim only in springs with a certain water temperature.

Lunch (lunch-box)

Dinner at the cafe

Day 5

Breakfast. Visit to the fish factory in Kurilsk.

Transfer to port.

12:00 - boarding the ship.
14:00 - departure to Shikotan island.

Day 6

17:00 - arrival to the port of Malokurilskoye, Shikotan island (ATTENTION! It is possible to change the arrival time).

Transfer to the hotel "Sofia". Accommodation in rooms with private facilities.

Dinner at the cafe

Day 7 Bay of "Church" – mountain Notoro – mountain Tomari

Breakfast. Departure to the Bay "Church", the mountains Notoro and  Tomari

The Bay "Church" impresses with its Islands and coves. Interesting history and nearby objects: larch forest, the place of the former Japanese settlement, the mountains of Notoro and Tomari. In this Bay there is a house built by the inspectors of the reserve. The origin of the name of the Bay is not clear.

The route to the Bay starts from the village of Krabozavodsk. Part of the way (1 hour) is overcome by a cross-country car, then on foot. The entire journey takes 4.5 h the Car stops in front of the pass between the mountains of Tomari, and Notoro, which is to go 50 min. From the pass you can climb on these mountains. Then the path lies along the road along the mouth of the Creek and after 1.2 hours goes to the beach, in the Bay of the Church. From the place of the confluence of the stream into the sea to the Forester's house, located in the southern part of the Bay, you should still go about 1 hour – the road goes not by the sea, but through the forest.

Lunch (lunch-box)

Dinner at the cafe

Day 8 Snezhkov Bay

Breakfast. Departure to Snezhkov Bay

Snezhkov Bay beautiful vistas of the road, stone-birch forests, open rolling hills, Islands, thickets of juniper. The origin of the name of the Bay is not clear.The route starts from the village of Krabozavodskoye. By car you can drive 3 km, then walk on the road. Before the pass in the Bay of Snow on the road to go 1.25 hours. Then another 1 hour to the beach.

Lunch (lunch-box)

Dinner in a cafe

Day 9 Cape "Edge of the World"

Breakfast. Departure to the Cape "Edge of the World", Bay Nameless and Dimitrov Bay (in the Wake of the film "life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe»)

Perhaps the most popular place on the island, Cape End of the World. Cape Edge of the World, rocky ledge, going far into the sea and breaks down 40-meter walls. When you get here, you immediately understand the meaning of the name. The top offers a breathtaking view of the vast expanses of the Pacific ocean, and involuntarily comes the idea that you are really on the edge of the earth!

Near the Cape "Edge of the world" is an Unnamed Bay, it was there that starred the famous film "life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe" (1972) starring Leonid Kuravlev. In the Bay you will see the most famous log, which was cut by Robinson Crusoe.

The Bank of Dimitrov Bay is high, rugged and rocky, covered with bamboo-meadow grasses. It offers views of several small Islands. Along the Bay is a dirt road a little further Cape Crab. On the slopes are visible segments of the old Japanese road.

The name of the Bay and the Peninsula is given in honor of Dimitrov Georgy Mikhailovich (1882-1949) – a prominent Bulgarian politician.

The road to the Bay Dimitrov begins with lapel from highway village Malokurilskoe – POS Krabozavodskoe in the Bay area welcome. After 7.6 km on the road there is an old Japanese cemetery. To reach the observation deck over the Bay in the region of the airfield by car for 30 min. Possible the descent to the ocean, which flows into several rivers.

Lunch (lunch-box)

Dinner at the cafe.

20:00 - boarding the ship

22:00 - departure to Korsakov (ship " Igor Farkhutdinov»)

Ship "Igor Farkhutdinov" follows the route of Shikotan island – Iturup island (Parking 5 hours) – Sakhalin island (final destination).

Day 10

09:00 - arrival to the port of Kurilsk (Iturup island)

14:00 - departure to Korsakov.

Day 11 Korsakov

12:00 - arrival in Korsakov (possible change of arrival time).

Tour: Cape Bird and the Giant (travel time 12:30 – 20:00).

Cape "Giant" is a natural monument, one of the most beautiful and amazing sea coasts of Sakhalin. Bizarre rocks, in the outlines of which someone sees a lion coming out of the sea, someone mysterious castle, and someone the head of a giant hero, dozing off at the water's edge, rise along the coast from Cape Bird to Cape Giant. Amaze by their grandeur of the stone arch, created by the greatest architect of Nature. On the cliff tops and arches bustle of noisy gulls, proudly scurry cormorants and Swifts. Along the narrow strip of sandy beach stretches spruce-fir forests on the sea terrace, where Christmas trees carefully hiding from the cold sea wind, "turning" to the sea of Okhotsk "back". And here you can observe one of the most amazing phenomena of nature - the spawning course of Pacific salmon, namely pink salmon, if your trip falls on the period from July to August.

Dinner on the coast of the sea of Okhotsk (Sakhalin cuisine)
Transfer to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 12 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Breakfast. Free day. Excursions for an additional fee.

Day 13 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Breakfast. Transfer to airport.


Route: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Rock "Frog" – White Rocks – Baransky volcano – Shikotan island – Bay of "Church" – mountain Notoro – mountain Tomari – Snezhkov Bay – Cape "Edge of the World" – Cape Bird and the Giant – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Number of Days: 13 days / 12 nights

Group: min. 2 people.


Tour dates in 2019: 03.08, 19.08, 31.08, 16.09 


Tour price per person, USD

Hotels in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Lotus 3 *

1/2 DBL – 1`510.00

SGL – 1`645.00

Santa 4 *

1/2 DBL – 1`550.00

SGL – 1`735.00

English speaking guide is on request. 

* Tour price can change without prior notice.

* The operator reserves the right to substitute hotels in the program to other relevant category. The order of the excursions can also be changed.

* The guide-wire, all the services and hotels are confirmed at time of booking.

Fees include

Price included:

- tours of the program;

- transfers according to the program;

- hotel accommodation in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk;

- accommodation in the hotel "Iturup" (on the island of Iturup) (double rooms with facilities, with one or two beds, specify when booking);

- accommodation in the hotel "Sofia" (on the island of Shikotan) (double rooms with facilities, with two beds);

- meals according to the program;

- support of professional instructors and hunters on all routes;

- registration of programproposal on Iturup island and Shikotan island.

Fees exclude

Additional charges:

- flight to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and back;

- air ticket on the route: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Kurilsk - 16 745 RUB/1 person

- meals on the ship (à La carte);

- ticket for the ship on the route: Kurilsk-Malo-Kurilsk-Korsakov:
3 class (4-bed without facilities) 3 755 rubles
2 class (4-bed with facilities) 5 380 rubles
1 class (2-bed with facilities) 7 000 rubles
Suite 9 127 rubles;

- bed linen (payment on the ship): 180 rubles/1 person/ on each site.

Travel tips

Sports and adventure tourism routes of the Sakhalin area involves physical activity, and a number of areas (eg, climbing a volcano) require good physical fitness, as well as the availability of the right clothes, shoes and other items listed below.

Also, be sure to get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis!

List of needed itemsHeadgear (lightweight hat for sun protection)

Sport Sandals (Daubney sports sandals, firmly seated on the leg, which can comfortably walk on water and rocks)

Trainers (trekking, with a thick corrugated soles, preferably with a water-repellent + removable dry shoes)

Towel (small travel towel various needs)

Sunscreen (SPF (the SPF) of at least 30 units)


Backpack (small backpack for day hikes (your hands should be free!) For the transportation of water, photographic, swimwear, etc.)

Warm clothing (jacket, sweater and warm clothes like)

Jacket (wind and comfortable WATERPROOF jacket)

Bathing suit (bathing suit and swimming trunks for men)

Means from mosquitoes

Gloves (x / cotton gloves to protect your hands from small works).

Shirt or jacket with long sleeves (light clothing with long sleeves necessary for the ascent of the Mendeleev volcano, not to cut yourself on the bamboo and, at the same time, do not suffer in hot weather)

First-aid kit (travel kit with first aid and personal hygiene)

Fishing gear (for avid fishermen desired to have their fishing gear)


Yuzhno Sakhalinsk

Iturup island

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