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Lake Baikal
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Day 1 Irkutsk – Baltiysk (lunch, dinner)
Meeting. Transfer to Baikalsk. Excursion in Baikalsk. Evening on the shore of Lake Baikal with a bonfire and tasting Baikal dishes.
Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk, the railway station of the city of Irkutsk or the railway station of the city of Baikalsk. Transfer to the hotel of Baikalsk. Accommodation. Rest. Meet the guide and tour participants.City tour of Baikalsk with a visit to the ski resort and the city center. We will start a tour of the city of Baikalsk at 6:00 p.m. local time. After exploring the city, our bus will take us to the shore of Lake Baikal, where we will have dinner waiting on the shore, tea brewed over a campfire from the herbs of Eastern Sayan, and songs with a guitar by the fire.Return to the hotel.

Day 2 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to the "Warm Lakes" to the foot of the Khamar-Daban ridge.
On this tour you will need comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as bathing accessories.
Glacial lakes will impress you with its purity and the amazing beauty of the virgin Siberian nature! Mini-trip to the lakes: Emerald, Dead and Fairy Tale. Picnic (here you will taste hot-smoked Baikal fish cooked in your presence). Free time (swimming, catamarans). Return to Baikalsk.

Day 3 Baikalsk (breakfast, picnic, dinner)
Excursion on the boat, on the Circum-Baikal Railway.
The tour starts at 11.00 and lasts about 6 hours.
The tour includes a boat trip on Lake Baikal from the south-east coast to the south-west. Here you need sportswear: sneakers or boots, comfortable pants, a T-shirt, a storm jacket, because while the boat is moving, a cool wind can blow; we recommend taking a warm sweater with you. Those who wish to swim in Baikal can take with them bathing accessories.
Boat trip on the Baikal to the Circum-Baikal Railway, built in 1900-1904, and currently being an architectural monument, because it is only 100 km away. 139 architectural structures are located, among which 39 tunnels. Landing in one of the most beautiful places of the Circum-Baikal railway. Here you will learn why this stretch of road is called the “gold buckle of the steel belt of Russia”. And also why in the 50s of the 20th century the road became dead-end and why this place attracts a huge number of tourists. Excursion. Picnic. Visiting the tunnels. Arrival to Baikalsk.

Day 4 Baikalsk – Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch)
Excursion to the city of Irkutsk and the village of Listvyanka with a visit to the Limnological Museum, the source of the Angara River, the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture.
Check out at 7.30. Today we are waiting for a very busy day, because we have to get acquainted with the city of Irkutsk, where we will visit such places as: historical center, eternal flame, monument to the pioneers, Moscow Gate (lower quay of the Angara River), Znamensky Monastery, monument to Admiral Kolchak, st. Karl Marx, Monument to Alexadra III (upper embankment of the Angara River), 130 block, Irkutsk Hydroelectric Dam, Angara icebreaker.
Next, the bus will take us to the village of Listvyanka, here we will visit the Baikal Limnological Museum, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of Lake Baikal, see the living Baikal seal and other inhabitants of the sacred lake. And also find out why the water in Baikal, in spite of everything, remains as clean as it was hundreds of years ago. Here you can make a virtual dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal and hear the legends of the peoples of the Baikal region. Stand at the source of the Angara River, learn the legend about the "Shaman Stone" and the beautiful Angara.
Then we will go to the “Taltsy” ethnographic museum, a unique open-air museum, which has absorbed the whole history of the Baikal region and clearly describes the life of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Lunch in Taltsy. Return to the town of Baikalsk.

Day 5 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch)
Excursion to the Baikal Biosphere Reserve.
Departure for an excursion to the village of Tankhoi at 11.00. Today we will visit the Baikal Biosphere Reserve. We will walk along the ecological path passing through the Siberian taiga and swamp area. We will get acquainted with different types of forest and marsh vegetation, watch birds and breathe clean taiga air. The trail is very well equipped, lined throughout its route with information stands and benches. Further, while our guides are preparing lunch for us on the shore of Lake Baikal, we will visit an information and visiting center with interactive expositions, observe living sables, study the device of 19th-century railway cars, and standing at the old pier we learn how the western and eastern railways communicated roads when there was no known to us Circum-Baikal railway. Lunch on the shore of Lake Baikal. Return.

Day 6 Baikalsk (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Excursion to the Tunkinsky National Park (Republic of Buryatia) with a visit to the mineral and thermal springs.
Distance - 150 km., duration - 12 hours, you need comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as bathing accessories.At 9.00. departure to the Tunkinskaya valley, located at the foot of the Eastern Sayan. The uniqueness of the Tunkinskaya Valley lies in the fact that it is a continuation of the Baikal Basin, stretching nearly 200 km. Here you will learn what is the connection between the Siberian Lake Baikal and Lake Hubsugul, which harmoniously fit into the landscapes of Mongolia. You will have the opportunity to swim in hot springs with a water temperature (t 42 ° C and 52 ° C). Lunch at a cafe in Buryatia. A visit to the village of Arshan, which is a famous spas, here you will have the opportunity to taste the mineral waters of the Tunkinskaya Valley, which by their chemical composition are analogous to Kislovodsk narzan. And also get acquainted with the culture and life of the Buryat people inhabiting the Tunkinskaya valley. Visit the Buryat datsan. Hike along the mountain river "Kyngyrga" to the waterfall. Return to the town of Baikalsk.

Day 7 Baikalsk – Khamar-Daban (breakfast, lunch)
Mini-trekking in the foothills of the Khamar-Daban range to the rock "Devil's finger".
The length of the route is 4 km in one direction. The trail is not difficult. The tour is designed for 5-6 hours.
Departure for a tour at 11.00. We are waiting for a small hike through the Siberian forest, in the foothills of the Khamar-Daban range, to the rock "Devil's finger". Walking along the path we will get acquainted with different Siberian vegetation: cedars, bergenia, elfin fir, etc. We will see red and black currant growing in the wild. We learn about the treachery of the mountain rivers Khamar-Daban, and admire such an unusual phenomenon in the mountain landscape as "remnants". We learn the nature of their origin, and the most courageous can even climb to the top of the “Devil's Finger” and admire the panorama of the Khamar-Daban ridge. Today, for lunch, we have a shish kebab with vegetables cooked in your presence and tea made from herbs gathered here on the slopes of the mountains.

Day 8 Baikalsk – Slyudyanka (breakfast, lunch)
Excursion to the town of Slyudyanka to the Zhigalov private museum of minerals.
Bus tour for 4 hours. Departure at 10.00.
We will visit the town of Slyudyanka, where not long ago such minerals as mica and lapis lazuli were extracted and now white, pink and blue marble is mined. In Slyudyanka we will visit the Zhigalov private museum of minerals. Let's look at the collection of Baikal gems, which the enthusiast Valery Alekseevich Zhigalov has been collecting for over fifty years! We'll stop at the only railway station in the world, entirely built of white and pink unpolished marble. Lunch upon return to the hotel.
The second half of the day, you can devote to collecting, buying souvenirs, and independent walk on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Day 9 Baikalsk – Irkutsk (breakfast)
Transfer to the airport or railway station.
Baikalsk is located 150 km from Irkutsk, the federal highway Moscow - Vladivostok and the Trans-Siberian Railway pass through Baikalsk. This means that if you leave us on the train, then it is more convenient for you to take tickets for the return journey directly from the Baikalsk station. If you fly by plane, then we will deliver you to the airport of Irkutsk.


Route: Irkutsk – Baikalsk – Warm Lakes – Circum-Baikal Railway – Listvyanka – Tunkinsky nat. Park (Republic of Buryatia) – Tankhoi (Baikal Biosphere Reserve) – Khamar-Daban Ridge (Devil's Finger) – Slyudyanka – Irkutsk

Number of days: 9 days / 8 nights

Group: from 2 people (groups of teams, the number of participants in the tour does not exceed 15 people)

Transport: tourist buses 16-18 places. (Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, Peugeot)

Accommodation: a well-appointed hotel in the city of Baikalsk (shower, toilet, TV in the room)

Accompaniment: Experienced guides, guides

We will meet you at the airport of the city of Irkutsk.


Tour dates 2019: sold

Tour dates 2020: in issue



The cost of the tour (without travel to Irkutsk and back) per person, in USD:

Accommodation in a double room:

- 436 USD (Staying in apartments, meals - lunch only)

- 552 USD (Staying at the hotel, 3 meals a day)

Children under 5 years old without a separate place are accepted free of charge, up to 12 years receive a 15% discount.

Payment schedule: 30% – for booking, 70% – 30 days befor to arrival.

You can pay:
- by bank transfer in dollars or euros
- by credit/debit card on-line on our website

Fees include

- accommodation (see below);

- meals (Placed in an apartment - only lunch; in a hotel - three meals a day);

- transfers specified in the program;

- excursions specified in the program with Russian speaking guide (English or German translator is 90 USD per day).


- fully equipped apartments in large-panel apartment buildings. With a good repair, all necessary appliances, furniture, dishes. With bathroom and toilet.

- mini-hotel "Northern slopes", this is a fully-equipped, log-like cottages for accommodation in Baikalsk. Each room has a separate bathroom. Autonomous heating, heated floors, parking for cars.

- hotel "Vershina".


Fees exclude

- air or railway transfer from the place of residence to Irkutsk and back;

- food not indicated in the program;

- insurance of the risk of cancellation or interruption of the trip (we have about 3% of the contract value, if desired);

- personal expenses;

- early check-in or late check-out in hotels;

- accommodation in hotels in Irkutsk before and after the end of the program;

- not included in the program or listed as optional excursions.

Travel tips

We start to meet you at the airport of the city of Irkutsk from 6.00 local time.

The meeting takes place as follows: the first car welcomes guests arriving from 6.00 to 8.00, the second from 8.00 to 10.00, the third from 10.00 to 12.00 and the fourth from 12.00 to 14.00.

The transfer to the hotel of the city of Baikalsk is also carried out: at 8.00, then at 10.00, at 12.00 and 14.00, respectively.

If you are planning to travel by rail, it would be more expedient for you to consider the option of purchasing a ticket directly to Baikalsk station. Thus, you exclude an excess transfer, and you will appear in hotel much faster.