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Lake Baikal
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Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the architectural ensemble of ancient Siberian city of Irkutsk. To visit the house of the Decembrists, exiled to Siberia, in the museum of wooden architecture, where you can feel like a resident of the Baikal region of 16 – the beginning of the 20th century. You'll learn a lot of interesting information about the Baikal water, living organisms inhabiting Baikal, and get acquainted with the famous Baikal seal!

Day 1 Irkutsk

Meeting at the airport / Railway station in Irkutsk, transfer to the selected place of residence. Accommodation. Recreation. Meeting with the guide and the tour participants. Dinner. Sightseeing bus tour of the city of Irkutsk (beginning at 17:00): historic center – Eternal Flame – a monument to the pioneers – Moskovskie Vorota (lower embankment of the Angara River) – Znamensky Monastery – a monument to Admiral Kolchak – Str. Karl Marx – Monument Aleksadr III (upper embankment of the Angara River) – 130 Quarter – Irkutsk hydroelectric dam – the icebreaker Angara. Dinner.

Day 2 – Irkutsk "Taltsy" – Listvyanka – Baikal Museum – Baikalsk

Breakfast. 08:00 – departure to the Baikal tract. A visit to the ethnographic museum "Taltsy", a unique open-air museum, which has absorbed the whole history of the Baikal region. A visit Listvyanka, a visit to the Baikal Museum, where you will have the opportunity to read widely enough with the flora and fauna of Lake Baikal, see the Baikal seal. And find out why the water in the lake, in spite of everything, remains as pure as it was hundreds of years ago. Here you can take a virtual dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal and hear the legends of the peoples of the Baikal region. Transfer to the town of Baikalsk. Lunch on the way, in a cafe on the way to Baikalsk. Accommodation. Dinner. Evening tour of the town of Baikalsk and the coast of Lake Baikal. Evening on shore of the lake with fire.

Day 3 Baikalsk (excursion day is designed for 12 hours, you should bring bathing suit)

Breakfast. 09:00 – departure by bus to the Tunka Valley (approximate distance – 150 km.), Located at the foot of the Eastern Sayan. The uniqueness of the Tunka valley lies in the fact that it is a continuation of the Baikal basin, stretching nearly 200 km. Here you will learn what is the connection between the Siberian Lake Baikal and Lake Hovsgol, blend in Mongolia landscapes, will have the opportunity to swim in the hot springs. You will visit the Pearl resort, where there are mineral springs (t 42 ° C and 52 ° C). Dinner. A visit to the village of Arshan, which is famous hydropathic, here you have the opportunity to taste the mineral waters of Tunka valley, which, by their chemical composition, are analogous to Kislovodsk Narzan. And also get acquainted with the culture and life of the Buryat people inhabiting Tunka valley. Visiting Buryat datsan. Hike along the mountain river Kyngarga to the waterfall. Return to the city of Baikalsk. Dinner.

Day 4 Baikalsk (excursion day is designed for 6 hours you should bring bathing suit)

Breakfast. 11:00 – tour of the "Warm Lakes", located at the foot of the Khamar-Daban. The lakes of glacial origin will amaze you with its purity and the amazing beauty of the virgin nature of Siberia! Mini-hike to Emerald Lake, the Dead and the tale. Picnic (here you can taste the Baikal omul smoked, cooked in your presence). Free time (swimming, catamarans). Return to the city of Baikalsk. Dinner.

Day 5 Baikalsk (excursion day is designed for 6 hours Tour is a small, light hiking on forest trail along a mountain stream. The distance is about 4 km. In the same direction. Provided windy weather or obscure need a jacket, windbreaker)

Breakfast. 11:00 – march to the Khamar-Daban mountain Solzan along the river to the rocks, "Devil's finger". Walking is not difficult and does not require any special training. The route runs along the river taking on its source with ridge Khamar-Daban. The river is so clean that you can drink directly from the river without putting any special treatment. Picnic. Here you can taste this tea from taiga herbs growing on the slopes of the Khamar-Daban and Eastern Sayan, and our guides will prepare you for a real, juicy kebab meat on the coals, grown in ecologically clean regions of Eastern Siberia. After a picnic lunch you will have the opportunity to try their hand at rock climbing, rock and conquer "Devil's finger". Return. Dinner.

Day 6 Baikalsk (excursion day is designed for 6 hours because during maritime navigation can blow cool wind, it is recommended to bring along a warm sweater, wishing to take a dip in the lake may bring your bathing suit)

Breakfast. 11:00 – water boat trip on Lake Baikal to the Circum-Baikal Railway, built in 1900-1904, and is now an architectural monument, because the segment is only 100 km.. located 139 architectural structures, including 39 tunnels. The landing in one of the most beautiful places in Circum. Here you will learn why this stretch of road called the "Russian gold buckle steel belt." And why in the 50s of the 20th century it has become a dead-end road and why this place attracts a lot of tourists. Excursion. Picnic. A visit to the tunnels. Arrival in Baikalsk. Dinner.

Day 7 Baikalsk – Irkutsk

Breakfast. Departure to Irkutsk, at the railway / train station or the airport, or on the w / d station Baikalsk city.

Baikalsk City is 150 km away. from Irkutsk, Baikalsk pass through the federal highway Moscow – Vladivostok, as well as the Trans-Siberian Railway. This means that if you are traveling by train, it is more convenient to you tickets for the return journey to take directly from the Baikalsk plant. If you are flying the plane, you will be sent shuttle to Irkutsk Airport.


Route: Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Tunkinsky nat. Park (Republic of Buryatia) – Warm Lake – Hamar – Daban – Circum-Baikal Railway

Number of days: 7 days / 6 nights

Group: min. 2 people.


Tour dates: 23.07, 30.07, 06.08, 13.08, 20.08, 27.08, 03.09


Tour price per person, USD

Accommodation in a double room:

1/2 DBL – 320 (for stays in apartments, meals – lunch only)

1/2 DBL – 380 (when staying in a hotel, 3 meals a day)

Fees include

Price included:

- Accommodation and meals according to the program;

- All transfers according to the program;

- All excursions as per program;

- Support of tour guides and tour guides

Fees exclude

Additional charges:

- Med. insurance;

- Ext. excursions;

- Air and railway tickets to Irkutsk in two way





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